Saturday, 15 June 2013


This is THE ONE FILM I have been waiting for since they have announced its production. And why wouldn't I? It has a promise of great things. Excellent director. Check. Amazing talented cast. Check. Brilliant soundtrack. Check. Breathe-taking set. Check. Costumes which would make any girl green with jealousy. Check. And it is a love story!!! Double check. Plus they have filmed it for 3D. My geeky heart is jumping up and down with happiness.

I had to see it as soon as possible, of course! The months of waiting only made me excited even more. But I was worried at the same time. What if the buzz around me coloured my judgement and the movie will a disaster?

With these questions on my mind I found myself with a group of friends sat in my seat in local Vue cinema one fine Sunday afternoon. With Ben&Jerry's core sundae in hand I was ready to five my full attention to Mr Luhrmann's take on this famous novel. 

And the result? F. Scott Fitzgerald would be so proud!! Baz Luhrmann created a wonderful piece for the cinematographic history - a dreamy world I would love to escape to. 

The film was breathe-taking. Mind-blowing. Absolutely worth the wait. 

I was only familiar with parts of the story. I barely remember reading a section from it when I was at elementary school. So it was something I didn't have to compare with a book itself. 

I absolutely loved everything about it. The story itself was captivating. It kept me on my toes all the way through it. Jay Gatsby is such a great character. He is a love sick fool who is doing everything in his power to win Daisy, the only girl he ever loved, back. Thanks to the love for her, he made a name for himself and became a millionaire. Also he was an eternal optimist with a big sense for hope. 

Leonardo DiCaprio was absolutely fantastic as Jay Gatsby. The emotions he displayed...The role he took up on... Everything about the character was so believable! One of my friends pointed out: "HE IS LIKE A GOOD WINE, GETS BETTER WITH AGE!" And it so true! Look at the films he starred in recent years: Catch me if you can; Django Unchained; Inception; Shutter Island; The Departed; Revolutionary Road; Body Of Lies; Blood Diamond.. Blockbusters! All these movies has been praised by the viewers and the critics. 

Carey Mulligan is a star of the movie! She looks fabulous and plays her role with such a grace. She looks so innocent - almost angelic. And you want her to pick Gatsby so badly. And then she turns on him and you are left speechless and heartbroken! 

I must mention Tobey Maguire. I have absolutely loved and enjoyed his take on Nick Carraway. Such an amazing supporting character. When someone usually mentions his name, Spiderman always pops on my mind and this was a first role when I have actually seen what a great actor he is. He was wonderful to watch. 

Hats off to Baz Luhrmann! He created a world which looked like a dream and captured the era so perfectly. The set was so luxurious. The costumes were beautiful. The music was just spot on. I know that a lot of people and critics criticised his choice of modern music to be included in this timeless classic, but I actually really liked it. 

I would love to live in New York in the 1920s - 1930s. Everything was so glamorous. People knew how to throw a good party and they had a great style. 

All in all, I give this movie thumbs up! Five stars. It was incredible!!!

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