Thursday, 27 June 2013

Trailer Of The Week

Ok, so this week's trailer of the week is a movie I have had actually seen last Saturday. Thanks to the Vue cinema and their early showings :)

This movie is a sequel to the one of the greatest animated movies made in recent years. The first time I watched it I knew I have to own it. It's a movie which will have you in stitches from the start, all the way through, until the end. And even the credits are funny. 

I loved the whole story where the villain is the hero. I love the three little girls who found a way to his heart and changed him. Make him a better person! Agnes is my favourite. I quote her all the time! I think that is one reason why I don't have a boyfriend. And lastly, the best thing about this movie - An army of incredibly funny and cute MINIONS!! 

Yes, you have guessed it correctly! I am talking about the 2010's greatest movie - DESPICABLE ME. I love love love this movie. It has a permanent part in my DVD collection and I even have an electronic copy so I can take it with me everywhere I go. You never know when you will need cheering up. And Despicable Me does just this. Even on a horrible day when you think that nothing can make you smile again, this movie does the trick.

It was a success which was followed by various YouTube Videos as the popularity of minions grown. My favourite is Dave. I wish I could have him in my household. 

Anyways, the creators of this incredible movie made a sequel and guess what it is as good as the first, if not a little bit better. 

So here is the Trailer Of The Week:


Trust me, the sequel is incredibly funny. The minions are in full form, Agnes is even cuter and Gru is the same. Prepare for an evening of belly ache from the amount of laugh. You will laugh so much that tears will come to your eyes, that is a promise!!

DESPICABLE ME 2 officially hits the UK cinemas on 28th June 2013. So do me a favour and go see it. You will not regret it!

I would like to end this review with one of my favourite quotes of all the time from a personal heroine of mine - AGNES!!!

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