Monday, 1 July 2013

A CrossFire Novel: Entwined With You - SYLVIA DAY

ENTWINED WITH YOU is a third book in Crossfire series written by Sylvia Day. I have been a fan of this series for quite a while and could not wait for this book to come out.  I have actually recommended to all my friends. 

So on the June the 4th, when the book finally came out,  I ordered in on Amazon, got it delivered to my Kindle and started to read it. I was excited. I wanted to know what will happen with Gideon "Dark&Dangerous" & Eva "Angel". I have always prefer their love story to the one in Fifty Shades of Grey. Don't get me wrong Fifty Shades was one in a kind. These books started a new era. Adult novels became more popular overnight. Now every single supermarket, every book shop, every WH Smith has these books. You can find them easily with their distinctive covers. And of course,  I fell in love with Christian Grey as much as you did - he had everything. Rich. Dangerous. Twisted. But with a great heart. And the love between him and Anastasia really moved the mountains.

But Gideon & Eva's story is beautiful in its own way. Their both have very sad horrible past. They both have some serious issues they need to work on, but with them it's more like a normal relationship. Well at least it was...

We have picked up where Ms Day finished her last book Reflected in you. Eva found out that Gideon killed Nathan, her stepbrother who sexually and mentally abused Eva when she was just a little girl. And Gideon killed him. Now, so the police doesn't have a suspicion that Gideon has his pretty manicured fingers in the murder, Eva and Gideon must pretend that they broke up and do not love each other anymore. They sneak about it. He purchases an apartment next to her (probably just a small everyday purchase for him). She spends nights there. They have secret meetings and dates. And slowly starting work on the way to go again publicly. Of course, there is a little treat from a journalist, who Gideon used to fuck and wasn't very nice to her, basically he used her to satisfy his needs. She is trying to dig up some dirt on Gideon and take down his pretty little butt. But everything gets sorted thanks to Gideon's charms and a talent to get out from every scandalous situation.

I must say I have been a little bit disappointed with this third instalment of this series. I have expected more. I found it very boring. The book lacked the action, well... There was plenty of action regarding the main characters sex life, but nothing which would keep me excited and I had to actually force myself to finish it. A that was surprising. Even for me!!

There was just too much sex scenes. Look, I know that this is an adult novel and I have expected a lot of sex, but OH MY GOD, nobody fucks that much. I am sorry, but about 75% of this book Gideon and Eva have sex. And unfortunately Ms Day is slipping into mistakes which E.L. James made before her. This sex scenes are repetitive and boring. Where I used to get excited, I found myself falling asleep. 

And then there is the fact that at the end Gideon and Eva get married. WHAT A SURPRISE!! SERIOUSLY. I am well up for a happy ending as you know, but Ms Day even doesn't give them that yet because there will be another book!! Yes, it was supposed to be a trilogy originally but it seems that the author is now milking it and is writing another instalment. REALLY? This one was a one big disappointment, please don't make me to go through it again.

So yes, the books ends without an conclusion, only acknowledgement at the end promises that this is not all from Gideon's & Eva's love story. 

As I said at the beginning, the writing got worse. The story got boring and commercial. The sex got too much for me  so therefore I would not recommend to purchase this book unless you are ready to be disappointed. 

What a waste of a good story. 

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