Saturday, 27 July 2013

Bazant Pohoda Music Festival : Day 1

Every year the little town I come from hosts a music festival BAZANT POHODA TRENCIN. It's one of the bigger festivals (if not the biggest!!) in Slovakia and Czech Republic. In the past the stage hosted big names like MOBY, GARBAGE, KLAXONS, ALOE BLAC, PRODIGY, ELBOW, KASABIAN, PORTISHEAD, THE XX, TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB, SCISSOR SISTERS, GOSSIP and many more... And every year I say I will go, but ended up only listening to it from my bedroom or watching the live stream on their official website. But this year was different. I actually took the things into my own hands and purchased two tickets for this amazing music event.

So I packed my little suitcase with festival outfits and essentials, got on a plane and made my way home  to see my family and dance my feet away. This year's festival took place between 11th - 13th July. So once I arrived, unpacked, had enough sleep and was ready to party with my little sister.

Late Thursday afternoon I put my well thought outfit on (actually I have decided the last minute as usual) and made my way to the place. You see, this festival is unusual in its own way. It takes place at the small local airport which has been used as an airport for years.

And of course I have to share my experience with you, my camera travelled with me and here are promised posts. I have decided to write about each day individually.

If I you find yourself interested in finding out more about this festival, maybe even get the experience first handed,  please visit the website : .

So here is my summary of the first day. There were a lot of artists I wanted to see, but at the end I made it to these five:


Polemic is a slovakian band who plays Ska music. I have seen them couple of times and always had a blast while listening to them and dancing my feet off, but unfortunately I must say I have not enjoyed it as much this time round. I think it's because that their old stuff is so much better than the new songs and their gigs usually have the same set list. So therefore we left as we couldn't be bothered to listened to the same again and went to scout the food stalls.


This was the first time this Leeds band performed at this festival. And they made it unforgettable! From the start to finish their performance was full of energy and everyone was on their feet and dancing. I have been fairly close to the stage and there was a lot of people, but we all move our bodies to the tunes of Ruby, I Predict A Riot, Everyday I Love You Less And Less, Modern Way, Oh My God, Going Home... I had so much fun and both me and my sister fell in love with the band's lead singer Ricky Wilson. At one point he actually climbed the wall and was singing from there. What a great great show filled with energy! All the way through they kept up with the high standards they set from the start.  It was my first time I have seen Kaiser Chiefs live, but definitely not my last one. I will make sure that I will go and see them in the future. I Would recommend to see them to everyone I know. What an amazing start to the festival.


Ok, this band supposed to be the headliner of the first day. So of course, everybody was excited to see them and me and my sister weren't an exception. But we were up for a big disappointment! These american musicians just walked on the stage and started to play. No introduction. No smiles. Actually they looked like they really don't want to be there. No interaction with the audience. Awful. I am not saying that they aren't great musicians. The opposite is the case! They played really well. They do know their instruments. But the show was boring. It lacked the energy which Kaiser Chiefs brought with them. So we left after 5 songs. And unfortunately we weren't the only ones. At the end, half of the crowd wondered away to find something which they would enjoy more. I was very disappointed with this performance and according to the reviews the next day, there was more of us. To be honest, it made me not want to see them again.


After very disappointing performance from Smashing Pumpkins we have decided to give it try on the dance stage and it was a great decision! We came just when Dre Skull started to play and we stayed there for 3 hours. DRE SKULL and DIPLO are both great DJs and we couldn't stop dancing to their take on the some great tracks. The tent got fuller and fuller and every person there was enjoying the great music. I haven't danced like that in ages. The room was filled with this great energy which took over us. It was incredible and I was sad to go home when Diplo finished his set. I must say, if you ever get the opportunity to see either of this two DJs live, please to me a favour and go see them. You will not regret it.

Fantastic first day! We got to see everyone we wanted. We danced our feet off, I am sure to have some blisters. We laughed and we got to listened to some good music.

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