Saturday, 27 July 2013

Bazant Pohoda Music Festival : Day 2

So here is the second day. Friday. I have had the friday feeling, but then the rain came and Voila!!! I Couldn't get to the festival until 8pm, what a surprise! I was hoping that for my first festival, there will be no rain, but I was unlucky. Never mind. We got there at the end and were lucky enough to catch some great performances.


Django Django is the band I was most excited about. Since the first time I've heard their debut single Default I have been a massive fan. I have listen to their album hundreds of times. Actually this band was the deal breaker when I was deciding which festival I wanted to go to. And they tweeted me so we had an obvious winner! And I must say they have not disappointed me live either. It was the first time The Djangos played in Slovakia alone and they made sure that it was a fantastic show. We all danced and danced and I sung my heart out to every song. I have been so close to the stage as well. What an incredible gig it was. Absolutely mind-blowing, packed with energy from start right up until the end. They interacted with the crowd, they talked to them, danced, purely enjoyed themselves and that is what made their performance so great. Everyone there was happy, nearly ecstatic with what they witnessed. I will make sure that as soon as I find out about any other live gigs, I will be there to witness them do it again.


Another big name to play at this festival. I have been very interested in seeing this band as I heard of them before, but never listened to their music. So I made sure that I would be there to see their performance live. It was a lovely summer evening, so we sit on the grass, sipped hot chocolate and enjoyed the show. I must say, as a novice to their music, I was surprised to find out how chill out they are. It was lovely soft experimental rock music. A gig of the day - some people said. They even came back to do some more songs after their supposed time of finish. I have been very impressed with the singing of Thom Yorke. His voice touched my melancholic side right in the heart. And they made sure that everyone there had a great time and that was important. I left with a promise that I will make sure to learn more of their music.


This performer wasn't on my list of people I wanted to see, but I didn't mind that one little bit. It was a great chill out / soft rock music to end the evening with. I have been surprised how much I liked it. I just sat there on the grass, my gorgeous sister next to me and let the music to help us relax and just enjoy the soft tones of the guitar. Increadible.

My plan was to see BLOC PARTY, O CHILDREN, BABYLON CIRCUS, but the weather didn't permitted it. And I was supposed to end the evening in the dance tent with JUSTICE DJ SET, but thanks to Erol Alkan not showing up that did not happen. Otherwise a great day at the festival. We found this great food stall which made home-made crisps. We drunk lots of coffee. We sung. We danced. And we had lots and lots of fun.

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