Sunday, 28 July 2013

DESPICABLE ME 2 directed by Pierre Coffin & Chris Renaud

So, you all know I am a geek and a kid deep inside my heart. Yes, I do have a soul of a geeky kid. A geeky kid who enjoys superhero movies, Star Trek movies, cartoons and animated films. Even my favourite books are mostly fantasy orientated.

So it can't come to you as a surprise that the level of my excitement hit a sky heights when I found out last year that there will be a second instalment of my favourite, like absolutely favourite, animated movie DESPICABLE ME.  I think I actually jumped up and down my room when saw the first sneak preview. You see this movie is special to heart and soul. I can have a really crappy day and this movie guarantees to put a massive grin on my face. Them little yellow creatures have this special power to make me smiley no matter what! And not to mention the super cute Agnes. My heart melts every single time I see her. SERIOUS CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!

And my gorgeous housemate Claire is the same. So when the lovely people at Vue Cinemas decided to have an early showing of the sequel we were there. And what a great treat it was!!

I haven't laugh so much since seeing the first movie the last time. I absolutely loved it. I was a bit worried that it might be disappointing. The First Movie was fantastic. Hilarious. Genius. One in the billion! Can that make the next one as good? OH YES, THEY CAN.

Basically it starts with Gru being this stay-in-home father to his three girls. And he loves them so much. He loves spending time with them. And he is such a great father! On Agnes's birthday, when the paid fairy doesn't show up, he dresses up as one, so she isn't disappointed on her birthday. Sweet or what!!He put his villain's days behind and is making jelly.. although the products taste awful. Minions are now factory workers in his jelly producing company and the life is sweet. That's until anti-villain agency agent turns up and offers him a job. Gru should help them to catch a villain.. and somehow from our villain Gru is an agent capturing villains. Awesome.

The storyline is easy to follow. It's packed with jokes. Minions are hilarious as usual. They crack me up every single time. And this time they even sing.. Oh MY GOD... their take on the sloppy hit from 90's I SWEAR was incredible. I was in stitches!! I literately laughed so much that my belly ached.

Agnes is super cute as usual. I swear if you won't find her cute or if your heart doesn't melt every time you see her, you don't have a heart!!! And now that she has a loving father, she dreams of having a mum as well. Oh she is so sweet when she tried her speech for mother's day...

Gru and his accent are funny. Girls wants him to fall in love and register him for online dating which works out to be horrific experience but it helps him to realise that he is in love already.

Margot has a crush on a boy which Gru isn't prepared for and Edith wants to become a ninja.

We also meet the bad minions. Basically it's a version of our super cute hilarious minions in purple with   darkness in heart. Only Gru's non eatable jelly can turn them back.

All in love I have not found one thing wrong with this great movie and would recommend it to everyone who likes animated movies or had a shitty day and needs picking up. You will not regret it. It will leave you in stitches and you will quote quotes from it for weeks.


If you haven't had the chance to see it yet and you are not sure if you want, just watch the trailer below. It should show you how great this movie is.

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