Sunday, 28 July 2013

Hello my lovely readers!

I have a great, actually fantastic news for you! We are expanding our little family of guest authors.. I have recently told you about Andy, very kind and talented friend of mine, who decided to start writing for us his rants on movies he has seen. I know I promised you this quite while ago, but nothing has happened just yet. Don't worry, the plan is still going ahead. Andy will be mostly our film critic as he knows so much about them and he loves watching them and even more criticising them.  But he is also a pedant. So it takes him a while to put his masterpiece together but at the end it will be worth it.. you are in for a treat with Andy's sarcastic reviews of movies. And I know for a fact that there is one coming up very shortly. So keep an eye for it. 

My amazing sarcastic friend Andy "Dandy" Lofthouse x

But my new surprise is that my gorgeous housemate Claire has finally given in and decided to join our little family here in Secret Reading Garden. She will become our second guest author. I am very excited about seeing this blog expanding. Claire is not only very beautiful, but she is very smart and funny too, so you can expect some great posts from her. I think her main subject will be books, but I am sure she will share with us some love for crafts, music and movies as well. 

"Every Brunette needs a Blond Best Friend!" Beautiful Claire A. x

So let's all give her a great welcome. She is currently already writing a post for you, I'll make sure to let her know to write a little post about herself too so you can get to know her a little. 

I am very proud with the way our Secret Reading Garden is developing. To think that I only started last year and we already accomplished so much... I posted over 100 posts now and we slowly heading to 10000 page views - AMAZING!! I wanna thank to each and everyone of you for finding time to read my posts. I know that they aren't perfect, but HEY! who or what is?

We have a lot more prepared for you in the future and I hope you will enjoy the things we got in store for  you. Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your time and loyalty!

Cheers to the future and new adventures!!


Zuz xXx

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