Monday, 29 July 2013

Song of the week

This song of the week is an old one. Well not that old but I only discovered it 2 nights ago thanks to my sweet housemate Heidi. She was playing it while getting ready to go out and I immediately fell in love with the voice, melody and lyrics. Let's hope Dandy won't rip it to pieces as I really love this song. 


You can find this song on his album which was released back in March 2011 - EARLY IN THE MORNING. I have, obviously, purchased the deluxe version on iTunes for £4.99. Grab yourself a bargain and get it. 

You can check out his official website : or follow him on twitter    (@jamesvmcmorrow) or check out his facebook page ( ), it's up to you. I hope you enjoy his music as much as I do. 

Happy listening lovelies xXx

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