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THE INFERNAL DEVICES is a book series written by American author Cassandra Clare. You may know her work. Actually I wrote only praises about it. Yes, If you haven't guessed it yet or couldn't remember it, she is the author of my favourite books in the world, THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS. 

The Internal Devices is kind of a prequel to Mortal Instruments. We are lucky enough to enter the Shadow-hunters world once again. This time we are in 19th century, London Institute. We meeting new characters and going on new adventures. We are fighting new enemies. And we are in the middle of love triangle between two best friends and parabatai WILL & JEM and the girl they both fall in love with - TESSA. 

There are three books in The Infernal Devices Series:


I must say, I have been a little bit worried when I've started to read these books. I love the Mortal Instruments series so much. Jace & Clary 's story is so wonderful and unique.. How could I help not to compare their story to this one? Will I enjoy the new story? Will be there a new story and or will it be all to similar to the story I know?

I was pleasantly surprised. I Actually fell in love with these books. The Infernal Devices are unique in it's own way. I read all three books within a week as I was not able to put them down. I wanted to find out how to story ends? Is Tessa truly a warlock? Why does she have the ability she has? Will she choose Will or Jem? 

Cassandra Clare wrote a wonderful piece. I have to make a confession I have actually enjoy this book series even more than Mortal Instruments. These books got under my skin. I laughed at the witty conversations between Will and Jem or flirty exchange between Tessa and Will. I cried so much. This book is so well written that I cried and cried. Especially when it got to emotional scenes. Mostly between Jem and Tessa. And I have fallen in love. But to my surprise it wasn't hunky Will Herondale who captured my heart! It was Jem Carstairs who I was truly ruling for all the way through. 

I have enjoyed these books so much. We found out more about the Shadow World. We even have more time to spend with one of my favourite character through both series - Magnus Bane. Cassandra did an amazing job writing these books and inter-connecting them the other series. It was the little touches she wrote which made all the difference. 

The only issue I have with these books is the fact that from the start you know who will get Tessa at the end. It's so obvious and to me it doesn't feel like a fair game. I wish there would be more from Jem's point of view. 

But other than that I have no other cons about this book series. I love these books and they now have a permanent place on my book shelf.  IF YOU ENJOYED THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, YOU WILL LOVE THE INFERNAL DEVICES.

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