Friday, 16 August 2013

Before i go to sleep Review

Before I Go To Sleep
By S J Watson

So after waiting for a half-finished book review, I'm sure you were disappointed. So to make it up to you all, i have already zoomed through this one and written a full review for this fantastic book! Where i said that reading White Teeth felt arduous, this was certainly not the case with Before I Go To Sleep!

I was recommended this book by my best friend. The synopsis was interesting and i was looking forward to starting it (hoping it wasn't going to be a let down). 

The book grabbed me from the beginning, starting 'Today' in the thick of the action, then going back to the start of Christine's memory. It was a well written, well thought-through follow-the-bread-crumbs story.

I loved how that, despite this being a journal based novel, it read as a story. The transition from the repetitious start of the entry, moving on to reveal further details, reflections and memories was seamless. No chapter lost my attention and i felt genuinely involved. There were points where i felt the repetition, but a story-changing event was un-earthed, taking the story even further and deeper. My mind was constantly racing, trying to put the pieces in the puzzle. I found myself as involved in finding out Christine's past as she was herself! I got excited and my emotions reflected hers as her memories emerged and dealt with her day-to-day revelations. I too felt i needed to reveal her attacker! 

I imagine writing a novel on the diary of an amnesiac was no easy challenge. Repetition has to be a consistent feature. After all, she has to learn every day what has happened every day. This had the potential to bore the reader, telling them again and again what they already knew. However, the way in which this was approached did the exact opposite. It cemented and re-confirmed Christine's situation, but was not over-done. It really made me feel for her. What she had to go through everyday. 

The story was written very well to disguise the final twist! Through repetition, memories and new experiences, i was almost sure of Ben. Though i had my doubts. I shall try my utmost to not spoil the story for those who are wanting to read the book. And i recommend you do! I was gripped! But i have to say, the final 50-or-so pages, my heart was RACING! I often express my emotions when reading a book, but i do not think i have said "Oh My God!" and "Aghhhhh!" as many times during a chapter as i did here! I laugh at Zuzanna's expressions of surprise sometimes, she becomes dutifully involved! But this time, she was sat there laughing at me!!! The ending was excellent! I also liked that how, despite bringing closure, there was still unanswered questions, and hope.

I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who would like something to think about. It isn't a deep-thinking book, in fact, it was very easy to read, but still gets and keeps you thinking. It was an exhilarating read! At the end, i was actually a little bit scared to turn the light out as i went to bed!

I usually riddle my reviews with quotes that touched me. I have not in this one. This does not mean that the story didn't touch me though! Quite the opposite! There were a few a few dialogues that i connected with, but they were on the conversation-killer topic; grief. So I'm not putting them in. So there. 
Happy Reading Everyone! Read it!

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