Saturday, 17 August 2013

Jamie Campbell Bower SINGING!!!

The Mortal Instruments : City Of Bones is hitting the cinemas worldwide on 21st August. The cast has been busy promoting the movie around shopping malls (in UK we call them Shopping Centres) around USA. You can find pics from this tour all around the internet .

The movie already premiered last week in Los Angeles and Toronto, we British fans need to wait for it a little while longer, but in the meantime Jamie Campbell Bower (for the fans of the series : Jace ) treated his fans to unexpected surprise!

Last week he posted links to YouTube and his live sessions on ONTSOFA channel and Gibson Guitar Channel. God Bless Twitter! I have decided to share these two videos with you. 

I will be honest, I think Jamie is not only a very talented actor, but even greater musician. He has the tendency to touch the deepest places of my melancholic soul. His voice is haunting and mesmerising! There is something which is making you want to listen to it even more. And he plays guitar ! And a piano!  A man who can play these two instruments is the sexiest man alive for me!

I have listened to couple of his previous live performances with his band The Darling Buds.  And he was fantastic. And of course, we all heard him singing the famous debut sonata "JOANNA"  in Sweeney Todd. 

This time Jamie sings all by himself. Acoustic guitar is his only companion. And I must say I loved it. Some people might disagree with me (probably Andy will have couple of words to say - you see it's really hard to please him. ) but I genuinely really liked both of the songs and would love to hear more. I hope that Jamie will give in to the pressure of fans and record more songs .

We all know that music is a big part of his life.

But no more talking, here it is:



So what do you think about Jamie's latest adventure? Have you been swooning all around your laptops, netbooks, iPads and other electronic devices? Or is this only another actor turned singer for you? I sure would love to hear your opinion .

Happy Listening Lovelies xXx

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