Monday, 5 August 2013


This week's choice is an actor who is not only talented on the acting side, but I have recently (couple months ago) realised that he is super-hot to the trot and is also a very, very  talented musician. Like EXTREMELY talented! He can play multiply instruments, has a deep gorgeous voice and is a lovely boyfriend. Him and his girlfriend recorded an album and posted it on band website for sale to people who are interested in listening to some dark blues

If you haven't guessed yet, which very talented actor and musician I am talking about, here is another and last clue : he also recently played a role of one of my favourite characters from one of my favourite novels - Ian O'Shea! Yes,  I am telling you praises about  MR JAKE ABEL. Jake and his fiance Allie Wood recorded 5 songs under the name THE MUMBLERS

BLACK MAGIC by The Mumblers

This is a preview of all 5 songs. You can download them in full from their website.  (and I couldn't work out how to attached mine from my computer Sorry!!)

You can follow them on twitter @MrJakeAbel , @alliewood & @The_Mumblers or visit their website - . 

I am a big fan of their music and I hope that they will record some more songs in the future. I must say the first time I've heard that Jake recorded some music, I was skeptical but when it came to listen to it, I was pleasantly surprised. I love all 5 songs and would love for you to show them their support if you do too. 

Have a great week lovelies. xXx

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