Monday, 12 August 2013


This week I have decided to share with you one of my favourite songs. I have loved this song since the first time I've heard it two years ago. Yes, it is an oldie, but it's incredible. It touches my melancholic side and it makes my imagination go wild. Actually, it's one of the songs which inspires my writing. In fact, the whole album, where this song comes from, is in my Top 10. The artist is my inspiration and every single thing she touches, turns into gold. To be honest, I would love to be her friend.

So who is this artist who has such a big influence on my life and writing? It's no one other than the Amazing FLORENCE WELCH aka FLORENCE + THE MACHINE. Her album CEREMONIALS is one of the greatest album I've heard in last decade. It's acclaimed by critics and the fans of this artist tells only praises about it. Florence mixes folk music and a modern twist with some very poetic lyrics and brings it to wide audience who loves it. I adore her and her talent. Every single song she has done so far is fantastic. Mind-blowing. Tantalizing. Melancholic. Romantic. It creeps up to the deep place in your heart and warms up your soul. 

So this week's choice is one of the most romantic songs (although Dandy might disagree with me...) I've heard. Every single time I listen to it ( and that is a lot) it awakes in me my deepest wishes and desires and creates the most romantic settings for my novel. Trust me, if by any chance, even a small one, I find the right guy who will capture my heart and soul one day, I want to dance with him to this song. Maybe even a first dance on our wedding. Who knows. But this is one kind of a song and it will definitely be the ultimate test. 


This song made a lot of appearances in various TV dramas and movies. And one of the movie stars actually is in the video. His name is Jamie Campbell - Bower. Oh, girls, I can see your swooning by hearing his name. Him and Florence are very good friends so he agreed to be in this video. 

So probably you already got the feeling that I really love this song. I hope you do too. Because if not, you have no music taste! (kidding.. you only have different one to mine.)


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