Monday, 19 August 2013


Monday is here.. AGAIN.. I hate mondays, because it means another whole week at work, a place I am not fond of. At all. All I kept doing at work today was day-dreaming about my future. A dream of becoming full-time blogger. A dream about travelling around the world. A dream about finally doing something I actually enjoy in my life. (NOTE: I am getting a little bit thoughtful recently - blame the amazing books I am reading which make you think too much.) And somehow I ended at my favourite book at the moment - Eleanor & Park. 

Last night I have joined the Tumblr. Yes, I am slowly invading all the social media possible! And I really like Tumblr. So much good stuff I can on there!! Well so I was trying to get familiar with this amazing social platform, browsing around it and finding blogs to follow when I stumbled across this song. I haven't heard it in a while. But I discovered that I actually like this song. 

So here it's another "vintage" found (not so vintage in true sense ). I have decided to post songs which I like instead of new ones, as Andy has now a regular post about new releases (make sure you will check it out!). 


There is a big possibility that I picked this song because it reminds my favourite book at the moment, Eleanor & Park ( you can find the review here). It's just a lovely song for romantic soul like me. 

Happy listening lovelies xXx

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