Thursday, 8 August 2013

ON FIRST IMPRESSIONS Kings Of Leon - Supersoaker

Their new album Mechanical Bull is set for release on September 24 and 'Supersoaker' is its first single

I keep finding conflicting dates as to when this was first released, so I apologise if this seems like old news to a lot of you but last night was the first time I've ever heard the song after I stumbled across it via Youtube

I've listened to this track a few times now and it reminds me very much of the first time I heard Radioactive: Not bad, not very memorable, I can see it growing on me but the whole thing just lacks something...

Have the Kings lost their touch with the catchy hooks they were renowned for? I've yet to find a track of theirs with a more memorable intro than 'Happy Alone' (possibly Molly's Chambers too) nor a chorus as ridiculously infective and scream along-able as 'Sex On Fire' Their last big anthemic hit was most certainly Use Somebody and that was 2 albums ago. I don't think anything from Come Around Sundown really stood out and got caught in the mind like it should have done. Maybe I just expected too much after such a good track record with every one of their previous releases.

All bands have to peak at some point, I just really hope it didn't happen for them already.

On a happier note the video is fun to watch, I've never seen the band look more relaxed and happy as they do in this. They're cracking up so much I can only assume that between takes Matthew is doing his best Foghorn Leghorn impression whilst Nathan Followill farts to the tune of Born On The Bayou.

Also Caleb's voice is on fine form, very reminiscent of the Aha Shake and Because of the Times period.

Is this a good song? Yes.
Is it a great song? In my opinion, sadly not.


Why does Caleb's voice seem to be sounding younger with each album? At this rate he'll be able sing 'Long Haired Lover From Liverpool' by the time he's in his 40's

Is that Chris Issac playing the bass?!

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