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THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES directed by Harald Zwart (First reactions)

You all know how much I love this book series written by Cassandra Clare. She is a magician with a pen in my humble opinion! Cassandra created a world of Shadow-hunters, Down-worlders, Demons which is hidden within our modern world. And with this amazing story she took over the world and hearts and souls of us, her lovely readers. I've been a massive fan from the first page I read, and now the time has come to see Clare's wonderful and mysterious world on the big screen. 

I am always wary with film adaptations of books. Especially after a little disappointing adaptation of The Host. But I kept my mind open and hoped for the best.

And my first reaction after seeing it for the first (yes, I am planning on seeing it more than once) is a mixed one. 

On one side I loved it! We fans of the book series must bare in mind the fact, that when they filmed it, they didn't know if they would be approve for the next one. So of course they had to make changes. And I think they did very well. 

Yes, some of very important scenes are missing. Yes, it is targeted mostly for the teenage audience. Yes, the great dialogues we've grown to love are mostly missing from the movie and some of the famous quotes are said by wrong people. And of course they made it a little bit too cheesy, but we need to think about the fact that every reader reads the book differently. Every writer has their own vision of their book and the world created and not everything can be put on a big screen. Not every vision can be  precisely pictured in other people's minds. 

I will be honest. They have changed the story slightly, but kept the core. Clary met Jace and was introduced to The Shadow World. She did learn about her family history. We saw the love triangle started to form. We could even see the big twist - Clary & Jace are siblings. We were with them in the greenhouse and watched to kiss for the first time. We saw them slowly falling in love and then learn the hurtful truth that they share the same parents. 

I have to say I am not a big fan of Lily Collins being chosen to play Clary Fray. I don't think she looks like Clary at all. But she did a great job with what she got. She portrayed all the emotions which Clary gone through wonderfully. 

Robert Sheeran is a wonderful Simon. Couldn't imagine a better actor more suitable to play the role of Simon. He is funny but smart and serious. He is cute with his curly hair and glasses pretending to be the clumsy one.

And not to mention his interaction with Jace AKA Jamie Campbell Bower. I heard and read some articles online about fans of the series not liking Jamie being picked for the role of Jace. Are you freaking blind??? He looks like Jace. He talks and walks like Jace. HE IS JACE ! There is nobody in the world who could take up on this role and portrayed the way Jamie did it. I loved him so much. You could see every single emotion on his face. I bet the people who wrote those articles are now bagging their heads on the table. 

But I must mention Godfrey Gao. I even didn't realise that Magnus Bane is that sexy! Oh my god, he blew my mind! He is absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait to see more of him in the next movies. 

Harald Zwart did a great job. The special effects are wonderful and amazing to watch. He matched everything I imagine in my mind - the seraph blades, stele, portal.. City Of Bones, the big library. The institute is absolutely gorgeous and The Silent Brothers are scary and creepy. Just like in my mind. And the cast did their own stunts. I hope they had a good insurance because this movie is packed with action and fights. No wonder Jamie lost so much weight! The story flows easily so it's not hard to follow and you can understand what's going on. Everything is explained. 

The only thing I didn't like, and I am very sorry to say this, is the choice of music. I am sorry but the soundtrack just doesn't match the story or the setting at all. I must hand it off to Twilight music crew who did a fabulous job on their movie soundtrack. I am sorry but when you mention The Shadow World - I don't imagine Demi Lovato or Jessie J... I imagine lots of indie and rock banks to match the dark mood. The movie is missing  a big song to accompany the biggest and important scene - The Greenhouse. Why not let Jamie Campbell Bower to write a song? He is a great musician and you have him on the payroll already!  JUST BIG NO TO THE SOUNDTRACK. It's a disappointment. 

But all in all, I did enjoy this movie. I will go and see it again. I will buy the DVD when it comes out and go and see the rest of them. I think they did a wonderful job with what they had, especially when they didn't know if they will get renewed for the next one. Shame about the soundtrack!

Please tell me what were your first reactions? Did you like it or it wasn't your cup of tea? Leave comments below or tweet me on @ZuzVystrcilova or @SecretReadingG and we can have a chat about. 

Have a great weekend lovelies xXx

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