Thursday, 1 August 2013


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I have decided to change up a little bit the trailer of week post .. It's all part of a preparation for the re-design this blog - my one and only baby ( far). I love that this blog have so many aspects of everyday's life and therefore I have decided to dedicated certain days in a week to certain themed posts. Mondays are the days when I share with you my choice for the week's song (that is usually a tune stuck in head and playing on my mind all day - Sorry, I know you expected better of me!! But at least it's truthful!).  I love my regular posts where I share with you the film trailers for films I am looking forward to see in the cinema or are coming out soon on DVD's and therefore I've decided to start weekly post #TrailerThursday (and I am kinda over #ThrowbackThursday - everyone does it!). There is another change, I will try to share with you more than one trailer as the Hollywood is coming up with more and more films to feed our minds with. So here is my this week's selection:


Yes, Aaron Johnson (previously known as Aaron Taylor-Johnson - oh yes - the hot guy who married a female director twice his age!!) is back in tight padded costume of "real-life hero" Kick-Ass. Together with him we meeting again Chloe Moretz as Hit-Girl, who is a star of the first movie. This time they have some help of a very unexpected casting choice - Jim Carrey. Together they fight against the crime with very un-exptected methods.

KICK-ASS 2 will hit the cinemas on 14th August in UK and slowly will get released to the rest of the world. The first film was such a success all around the world so let's hope that the sequel won't disappoint. 


An english romantic sic-fi comedy about a guy who discovers that male members of his family can influence the time. All you need to do is close yourself in a dark room, hold your hands tight and imagine a moment you want to be in. Easy. He cannot change the history, but he can influence his own life. And who wouldn't want to use that ability? And of course he meets a girl and for a little bit, everything is peachy. But then he accidentally deletes the timeline and he needs to work hard to win her back! Will he manage to win a heart of the girl he loves back? 

I am really looking forward to see this movie because it's a well needed food for my romantic soul. The film starts Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams & Bill Nighy. The film premiered at summer showing at Somerset House, but the official release date for UK is 4th September 2013 and early November for the rest of the world. 


Based on a true story, the life of Jordan Belfort, it explores his rise to being a wealthy stocker broker, living luxury life and having more money that we could dream of. But the success comes in hand with crime, corruption and federal investigation. Leonardo DiCaprio shines as the main character (he truly gets better with age). Matthew McConaughey & Jonah Hill are his partners in crime. 

I am really excited about this one. It has everything - luxury, sex, money, fun and it promises a great story. It premieres on 14th of November 2013 in USA but here in UK we won't be able see until January 17th 2014

It looks incredible! I am expecting a great plot line, amazing performances and lots of excitement! Wouldn't imagine anything less as it's directed by Martin Scorsese!!!

So they are my picks for this week, let me know what would you like to see yourself in next week's post! You can tweet us on @SecretGardenG, don't forget #TrailerThursday!!

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