Thursday, 15 August 2013


It's the day after Orange Wednesday. We used our 2 - 4 - 1 codes. Managed to get a bargain in a Italian coffee shop (2 - 4 - 1 on any hot drinks - AMAZING). Sat ourselves comfortable on the seat and get our minds blown by EXTREMELY AWESOME KICK ASS 2. Wow!! That movie is still playing on my mind. It was Insanely Brutal, but unbelievable enjoyable at the same time. I am sure Andy will share his thoughts about the new (super)hero film with you in next couple of days (Let's have our fingers crossed that it won't take as long as Man of Steel - I even haven't seen the draft yet!!) . 

Anyways, seeing this movie and trailers showed beforehand, it inspired me to choose this week's picks for #TrailerThursday. I will sure go and see them all!

ELYSIUM directed by Neill Blompkamp

This American science fiction / thriller / action movie is set in the not so far future. The wealthy people live on man-made space station and enjoy the luxury lifestyle. The rest of the population is stuck on slowly dying and demolished Earth. Intrigued? I sure am!!

This film starts bulked-up Matt Damon (he actually has a six pack - the stomach kind!) as a hero who takes up on a mission to save the world and it's population, kind of a modern Robin Hood type (take form the rich, give to the poor). The villain of the story is Jodie Foster. The first time I saw the trailer I knew I want to go and watch this movie in cinema's. 

It's catastrophic, action packed, futuristic thriller with Jason Bourne ( Matt Damon). I am excited and hopefully the film will be even better than the trailer. 

The release date was set for 9th August 2013 in USA, in UK we need to wait until 21st August 2013 (another Orange Wednesday bargain!).

WE'RE THE MILLERS directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber

Put in a pot the girl-next-door and ultimate friend Jennifer Aniston, hugely funny man and fiance of Olivia Wilde Jason Sudeikis, add a niece of Julia Roberts who starred in a teenage comedy about finding yourself in English posh school Emma Roberts and the other kid from Narnia's 3rd instalment Will Poulter. Mix it up. Get a good story about drug dealer getting paid a huge amount of cash for smuggling Marijuana from Mexico while pretending to be married to a stripper and have 2 pretend kids with - ALL AMERICAN FAMILY. Get the cast in the most hilarious situation as possible and what do  you get?

We're The Millers. 

I found the trailer very funny. You can tell that it will be easy comedy with easy plot. But hey, we all like a no-brainer where we could laugh out loud until our bellies ache. 

The film actually hit the screen this week (7th August 2013) in USA, but we have to wait for till until  23rd August 2013 (UK)

ROMEO & JULIET directed by Carlo Carlei

A new 2013's British take on the most famous love story of all times written by nobody else, but the amazing William Shakespere. We all know the story of these star-crossed lovers. We all loved the 1996's modernised version with Leo DiCaprio & Claire Danes. 

Now it's time to take it back to the roots. Beautiful set. Stunning costumes. Amazing acting performances. I am expecting the whole package with a bow. New heartthrob on scene Douglas Booth takes on role of Romeo and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld will portray the beautiful Juliet. Add to this mixture Ed Westwick and I am in. 100 %. 

The film opens in cinemas on October 11th 2013 and I am sure to be there to see it. Love a little bit of romance. 

So here are my three picks for the #TrailerThursday this week. I am looking forward to see them all. I think first one on the list is We're The Millers, followed by Elysium and just after my birthday is time for good classic Romeo & Juliet. Andy will be there with me so you can look forward to more reviews (if he doesn't do it, I will.) 

What would your choice be?

Have a great weekend lovelies ! xXx

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