Friday, 16 August 2013

White Teeth Review

                                   White Teeth
                                By Zadie smith

Hello again!I have to say two things to you all. firstly, i appologise for how long it has taken for me to get this review for you. Thisis  because....Secondly, i only read the first section of this book. To wrap it in a nutshell, i simply could not get into it! if you don't want to read further, that's fine. If however, you want to know what and why i thought, knock yourselves out!

Having finished my holiday read This Is How It Ends (!/2013/07/this-is-how-it-ends-claire-bears-first.htmland having to come back to (not so sunny) England, i was feeling ready for another affair, and thus, another book.

I came across White Teeth a while ago in my local RSPCA charity shop. With it's vibrant and eye catching coner and lack of synopsis, i was intrigued. I bought it as a 'mystery house' impulse buy, sure that it wouldn't dissappoint. As Dr. Seuss once said, "the more that you read, the more things that you will know. The more that you learn, the more places that you'll go." So i pulled this mysterious wonder off the shelf and got stuck in.

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I will firstly say, for her first novel, i was impressed with what i was reading. Her writing style and the language used was excellent. The metaphors and simillies were perfectly fitted to the situations. the relationships amongst the characters were, albeit strange, but seemed plausible. One aspect i did like about the little i got through, was how deeply the relationships were explored. it really gave them good foundations to be built upon. BUT, and there's always a but, i found myself struggling to read on. The thought of picking it back up and getting back into it was arduous!

When i read, i see myself as part of the story. I see, laugh and feel the story as it unfolds. I become involved with the characters, as a fly on the wall. However, when i read White Teeth, i read it as a reader. An outsider. I could not become involved no matter how hard i tried.

I'm not saying this book was boring or bad or anything else negative. It wasn't! I simply couldn't get into it. I gave up after Archie's section. I couldn't carry on. Plus i had had a reccommendation and book in hand! So, i am putting White Teeth back on the shelf FOR NOW! I shall one day pull this book back off the shelf and see if i can get lost within the pages. "After all, a half-finished book is a half-finished love affair". But i also think some love affairs are neither as exciting or as exhilorating as one expected! Unfortunately.

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