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#2BAD2BEARABLE & Mainstream songs of the week!

Hello again

This is a bit embarrassing, turns out in the last New Releases post I didn't actually listen to all of them... yeah, sorry about that (I'm blaming digitalspy for mis-information)

And I missed last week, sorry about that too. The only excuse I have for that though is fatigue and absent-mindedness

Let me try to make amends with a similar weekly post which I'm calling 2BAD2BEARABLE

Basically I'm going to listen to all the new songs and decide which 2 are the least favourable and which 2 are the most digestible to the ears, or dare I even say it... possibly even 'quite good'

But lets not set our hair on fire, dance with a pot plant and go slightly mad just yet. First let's see what this week has to offer and I'll write a short bit on each song before we come to the final 4, reasonably short I say but it all depends just how many tangents I find myself going of on.

So what do we have this week?

Crooked Smile - J Cole

Crooked Smell? Crooked Sell? Whatever it is it sure doesn't sound like Smile
At times it even sounds like cooking smell. Is the Rock in the kitchen?
I don't have major complaints with this very 'safe' track but the song certainly outstays it's welcome by the end. Hey Jude you are emphatically not. Heck even the crowd seem to be mumbling the words at times, almost like they don't really know what they're actually singing, or even doing there

The backing music is pretty varied though with a lot going on so it does have an interesting sound at times though it seems to take it just a bit too far. Like that acquaintance of yours who can do a great party trick but every time you see them they want to keep doing it over and over again and you begin to imagine what their head would look like in a remake of Lord of The Flies

Roar - Katy Perry 

Eye of the Tiger? Dance through the fire? Rock the boat? I am a fecking champion?!!
Jesus this song should be called 'Reference'

Nothing wrong with giving a subtle nod to everyday phrases and lyrics of infinitely better songs to give body and purpose to your own work. But this is not so much as a subtle nod as it is a full on head butt into the encyclopedia of pop-culture and clich├ęs, so hard that the words 'I Love Rock'N'Roll and 'Nothing Compares 2 U' get permanently inked onto her skull.

I suppose the song is fairly catchy if anything, just a shame that Katy Perry is singing it. I'd rather listen to Geraldine from Britain's Got The Pop Factor

Show Me The Wonder - Manic Street Preachers

What the feck am I listening to? A unreleased single from The Mavericks? Where the hell has your edge gone Bradfield?

I'm truly shocked; I love Manic Street Preachers but this just makes them sound old and out of ideas. James Dean Bradfield still has got 'that' voice but he does nothing memorable in this saccharine song. If this is the direction they're going for I've got a feeling I'm not going to like their next album much. Such a shame and waste of genuine talent. I still remember the last big new single from a few years ago 'Postcards From A Young Man' and how different this sounds. That song may have copied the melody of Michael Jackson's 'Ben' but it still rocked at least.
This doesn't even pebble

Strong - London Grammer

Chord sequence reminds me somewhat of Massive Attack but without the hauntingly beautiful ambience they are known for. This is not so much Massive Attack as it is Gentle Swotting but that;s not a bad thing, it's just... calmer

Very relaxing in fact with a soaring vocal performance that would be great is it wasn't trying just a bit too hard to impress. It's good, don't get me wrong, it just sounds ... forced but in a very adept fashion.

Overall a fairly decent tune with a nice message, if a bit confused. Just misses out on my pick for 2BEARABLE not being very memorable.

Kids - Mikky Ekko

I have no idea what to write. All this song made me do is want to listen to Kids by MGMT. Which I did. Much better song, Listen to it

Flatline - MKS

Sugababes are back and they sound... well completely different. Very 80's sounding intro and then on to a fairly forgettable chorus which sounds like something Eternal wound have turned down. The song is upbeat but the context is very depressing (in a dead relationship and the hopless feeling of imprisonment brought on by love) I like the idea but the execution is medicore at best. This song should be thought provoking and instead just gets lost in the ether.

And so the 2BAD of the week are...

All Gold Everything - Trinidad James (explicit lyrics, please don't listen if you are over sensitive or have decent taste in music)

So he has gold everywhere and in his watch. But he doesn't believe in it? Why wear it then? Who is this song for? Himself? This level arrogance should be punishable by the stocks and a big pile of easily compactible fertilizer

I don't know who this guy is but ... he likes gold. A lot

I can't say much more than.... I hate this song. A lot

Neon Jungle - Trouble

Not a great start, checked out the video on Youtube and the advert before it started was for 'Trouble' by Neon Jungle. I'm waiting to listen to your song and you play an advertisement of the song I'm about to listen to? You are already ticking me off by your persistence and lack of patience. Stop twisting my nipples and get the hell on with it!

From what I did hear in the brief advert... I don't hold out much hope for this

*sigh* These are going to get very annoying VERY quickly

Autotuned past the point of Steven Hawking so the question is; can these girls sing? Probably not
Which means they have been selected thanks to their image. God help us all

No real melody, words are shouted out ala Icona Pop but actually manages to sound out of key, that's impressive

Trouble has been waiting on the corner since you were 17? You could discuss the numerous connotations of this line for days and the result will never be favourable for whoever said it. There's not even any catchy hook, it sounds unfinished almost. Like they ran out of the ideas and decided to finish off with a few hey heys

finally, my 2BEARABLE of the week are...

Kinda Fuzzy - The Eels

Fairly decent toe tapping beat (seriously I was unable to stop through the entire 3mins 54) Fuzzy vocals (is that deliberate?) and synth intro reminds of Mr Oizo, which is never a good thing
On the whole it sounds ok but disjointed. The song sounds full of static, like I'm hearing through the cb radio of my local taxi firm.

After a few listens though my head is feeling kinda fuzzy.

Too Many Friends - Placebo

Molko you better not let me down...


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Wow, this song is great. The message, the sweet sounding guitars the unmistakable vocal. It sounds like Placebo, they haven't sold out but it's got a fresh sound to it too. I really like this song and the video is probably one of the most creative I've seen for a decade.

Buy this song!! Get it to number one!! Ruin Katy Perry''s day and show the world that good music can still get to the top of the charts.

If Gotye can do it then then Placebo should be able to do it, damn it! 

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