Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Gillian Flynn: GONE GIRL

GONE GIRL is a contemporary thriller novel written by american author Gillian Flynn. Soon after publishing (June 2012) it has become an international bestseller and been praised by critics and readers. 

"Flynn, an extraordinarily good writer... wields her unreliable narrators to stunning effect, baffling, disturbing and delighting in turn, practically guaranteeing an immediate re-read once her terrifying, wonderful conclusion is reached... an early contender for thriller of the year, and an absolute must read." OBSERVER

"Gone Girl is superbly constructed, ingeniously paced and absolutely terrifying.. a five-star suspense mystery." A. N. WILSON

"A near masterpiece. Flynn is an extraordinary writer who, with every sentence, makes words do things that other writers merely dream of." SUNDAY TIMES

"Gone Girl is a book you'll be begging other people to read, just so you can discuss it with them." MAIL ON SUNDAY

With reviews like these, I was excited to read this book. Why wouldn't I? A promise of a masterpiece. A thriller which I will beg others to read so I can discuss it with them? This novel had me hooked. Labeled 'THRILLER OF THE YEAR', found and purchased in charity shop (British Heart Foundation in Merrion Centre - they have a wonderful selection in books for fraction of a price.), I couldn't wait to read it. I needed a break from fantasy novels and adult fiction which did bore me. I wanted something exciting after the boring experience of The Casual Vacancy. 

But I was left disappointed. I had to force myself to read this book. From the start I found it very, very boring. The pace was slow. Nothing was happening. Jesus Christ! A woman has gone missing on her fifth wedding anniversary, I should be terrified. I should want to read on and find out what the hell has happened to Amy. Instead, I am bored. I am forcing myself to turn the page a read on. I am following the mind of Nick, who is such a boring character. Who is a selfish bastard, who doesn't love his wife anymore, because she doesn't baby him anymore. For God's sake you are a grown man, Nick! And because he wants to feel like a hero again, he finds himself a young mistress. A student of his. Seriously, my hopes for finding a happy marriage one day are getting thinner and thinner. We're finding out more about Amy, she seems such a great wife. Such a wonderful woman. But even then I keep thinking why the hell is she with this guy. Why she doesn't leave him when is clearly not interested in their marriage anymore. 

246 pages in. Oh my God! When this torture of a book will end? I continue to read it on buses, at work, home, in my bed, but this book just drags on and seems to be NEVER-ENDING!! I cannot get into it. I don't like NICK DUNNE - the selfish macho bastard, but I can't sympathise with his wife either. And that's a sign I am definitely 100% not enjoying this story. I've been reading it for past 5 days. Please, salvage it somehow! Make it more interesting! I BEG YOU!!

247th page. The twist is finally here. Thank God! AMY DUNNE is turning out to be a proper psycho bitch. That woman needs a help of a professional. Well, actually, I am not sure if he/she would be able to help her. She doesn't have it all alright up in her head. She is smart. Oh my, she must have an IQ of Einstein. Dangerously intelligent. The patience and thought which goes into her actions is incredible! I don't like the woman. She is scary. The stuff she gets away with. Mind-blowing. And the most scariest part? There are people like Amy in this world. What a terrifying prospect!!

With this major twist, I am expecting the story to get exciting. But it becomes predictable. And the boredom continues. Every step Amy takes, every action Nick does... PREDICTABLE!!

I read the last 200 pages and I am thankful that the book is over. I am grateful to get out of Nick's & Amy's story. All I keep thinking: "Why this book was named 'Thriller of the year'?" There must be some very boring thriller novels out there, if this one supposed to be the best one. 

I can understand some people like it. From psychological point of view, the characters  (especially Amy's character) are brilliantly written., but the story itself mirrors too much of a wanted hollywood blockbuster. Surprise, Surprise! It's been already picked up by a production company. 

Personally, I didn't enjoy this book. There is too much of mumbling going on. The actions and reactions are too predictable. And it's really boring! I can appreciate why the author wrote this novel the way she did, but it lacks the excitement. Don't thrillers supposed to be exciting and thrill us with unexpected?

If you are a fan of the thriller genre, you might enjoy it. You might appreciate it more than me and find it excellent. But I, me myself, would not read it again. 

I am glad that I only paid £2 for it (and it went to a good cause). To me, it's not worth the full price of £7.99. 

Since buying this novel, I have learnt that Ms Flynn wrote more books in this genre, but for SOME reason, I cannot see myself reading more. Well, not for next couple of months for sure!

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