Monday, 2 September 2013


Did you have a good weekend lovelies ? I certainly did. But it was just too short, don't you think?
I did have a great night on friday night with my girl Gina B. Little bit of peach snaps and lemonade, last day of carbs overload in form of a pizza, great chat and incredible music. And we got to listen to and dance to this week's artists. 

I have been obsessed with this song since I finally bought the album . This DJ duo has been taking over the world and the dance charts  since the beginning of the year. Their debut album is a hit on the dance scene. They played various festivals this year and even co-hosted a christmas show with Annie Mac, where they presented her with their own mix. 

No further introduction needed. DISCLOSURE. I can already hear the beat. And since listening to their album every day on my way to work and home, I have become particularly obsessed with one track. It's literally stuck in my head and doesn't want to go away. Even when I try to replace it with different tune. As soon as I hear the first cords I am on the dance floor (most of the time my red carpet in my room) and I am dancing my troubles away. 


When a Fire Starts To Burn has been my choice for this week's #MusicMonday. I found the video hilarious. It's energetic. It's exciting. It makes you want to throw the stuff away and dance!

Disclosure's debut album SETTLE is out now. You can get the normal or deluxe version on iTunes (like me) or other various dealers. 

You can check more about these two guys on their website, check out their facebook page or follow them on twitter @disclosure or instagram @disclosuremusic

Also this song has maybe two lines together so Andy cannot rip into to pieces in his LYRICAL CRICKETAL post. Thank God!

Let me know what is your favourite tune by these DJ duo. And if you have a spare ticket for their Leeds show in November, do give me a shout. 


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