Monday, 23 September 2013


You know the moment when you hear a song and instantly you fall in love with it? And you cannot stop thinking about it. It's imprinted in your head. Your mind has this track on repeat and you cannot get it out of your head. This has happened to me couple of times. Mostly thanks to watching trailers for the new released movies. 

So this week's #MusicMonday is packed with tunes from trailers I cannot stop thinking about. Thank you music business for creating such an incredible songs.

YOU & I by Crystal Fighters

I have never heard about Crystal Fighters before. Yes, some of you must think that I have been living in the cage but the opposite is true. Crystal Fighters tune appears in the background to a movie I have recommend in last week's #TrailerThursday - HOW I LIVE NOW. And since then it made its way to easyJet advert and my head too. I LOVE THIS TUNE so much that I am listening to every single song from this band ever written and recording. 

RADIOACTIVE by Imagine Dragons 

Oh, how much I love this band. Their album NIGHT VISION is one of the most played on my iPod. I have seen them live in April, but been lucky enough to purchase tickets for their upcoming gig in Leeds in November as well. Twice in year, YEYE!! And my love and admiration started when I first saw the trailer for adaptation of one of my favourite books - THE HOST. Thanks to RADIOACTIVE, the Imagine Dragons conquered the whole world. 

ALL I NEED by Radiohead

Oh you all know how much I love THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS books and how much I couldn't wait to see the movie. So when the trailers were slowly leaked, I have become obsessed watching them. And one particular song stuck to my mind. Well done Radiohead. Shame you didn't make the soundtrack. Actually the soundtrack to the actual movie was a disappointment. But the trailer was great!

Well have a great week everyone. Let me know what tunes got stuck in your head thanks to watching a trailer for a movie. I am always open to new findings. xXx

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