Monday, 21 October 2013


And Monday is here again. We are all tired and fed up with the reality - Weekend is over and we have 5 working days ahead of us. No way we can survive until friday!

And this is where I come in and try to make the beginning of the week a little bit more bearable for you. #MusicMonday post is here and this time we are taking on a London band which hit the fame this year. We all love them. We all get lost in their music and melancholic tunes. 

Yes this week's #MusicMonday features BASTILLE - one of the best band in current charts! Oh how much we love Bastille in our house. And i have to take the credit for introducing my housemates to the wonderful voice of Dan Smith. Their album BAD BLOOD took over the UK charts and you can hear their Pompeii everywhere. 

And lucky me, and as a perk of being a blogger, I am off to see them with Claire Bear tonight!!! Yes, I am that LUCKY!! And smart enough to purchase the tickets on the first day of sale. 

Anyways, to get you in the mood for the gig ( and make your jealous cries a little bit softer), let me share with you my favourite tracks from BAD BLOOD!





Weight of Living Part I


I have chosen a various versions of the studio songs. I think Bastille is a band which is absolutely fantastic live and I cannot wait to see it for myself. I've been blown away by Tom Odell last week, so Bastille has a big shoes to fill. But somehow, I am not worried. 

Bastille has their unique sounds which captured my interest a long time ago, so I am positive that their gig tonight will be incredible. Don't worry I am taking my camera with me so you will all hear about it in the post soon. 

Happy listening lovelies!

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