Wednesday, 16 October 2013

RUDIMENTAL Live @ O2 Academy Leeds

RUDIMENTAL are a British electronic music quartet who shot the fame in 2012 with their single 'FEEL THE LOVE'. The band's four member are all songwriters and producers and they have been signed by Asylum Records and independent label Black Butter (interesting name for a recording label...hmmm?!?!)

Let me introduce you to Piers Agget, Kesi Dryden, Amir Amor and DJ Locksmith who brought us chart topping hits like WAITING ALL NIGHT and NOT GIVING IN. They are famous for their co-operation with amazing artists like Emeli Sande, John Newman and Alex Clare.. And they are not stopping at taking over the UK only. They are taking over the world.

Their debut album HOME topped the UK album chart within first two weeks since its release date the 29th April 2013. I personally pre-ordered it. You know me.

Rudimental spent the summer playing at various festivals home or abroad and now they are starting their own UK tour. And lucky me, I have bought two tickets for my housemate's birthday.

So the day has come...

8th October 2013. O2 Academy Leeds. 7PM.

Firstly, we had to wait a full hour before even the supporting act came on. A whole hour just standing and do... Erggg... NOTHING. Waiting. No announcement, only a DJ playing in the background. Now, his set was alright for a friday night when you have plenty of time and have not been up since 6AM, but not on a school night! Everyone there was irritated and clearly fed up after an hour of listening to the same dance crap.

Then at 8.20PM the supporting act came on. JACOB'S BAND. Basically a bunch of teenagers looking like a cast of High School Musical performing live. Good on them they can play their instruments, but the faces they were pulling! One of the guitar players looked like he was in pain. Seriously, he needs to work on his stage presence. The main singer, who's name is on the bad probably, had a really good voice and tried to unsuccessfully engage the audience, but only succeeded when he played covers of Thicke's Blurred Lines and Malinchak's Be Good To Me. Otherwise it all felt like a bit of a gospel music, which didn't go down well with the people who paid to see Rudimental.

Never mind, Jacob's band exited the stage and there was another 30 mins wait before the main act hit the stage.

But oh my, they have made up for their lack of punctuality. They took the stage with a storm of energetic performance straight from the start. The audience loved them from the first minute. Everyone was on their feet and the danced. They sang every track with the band. It was absolutely fantastic atmosphere.

RUDIMENTAL enjoyed performing their hits from their debut album HOME. We heard songs like FEEL THE LOVE, WAITING ALL NIGHT, FREE, HOME... they went through the whole track list. Hats off to the vocalists. All three of the - two girls and one guy - were absolute incredible. The range the girls had was mind-blowing. They made sure that you didn't miss Emeli Sande, John Newman or Alex Clare. They cherished you and looked after you well. Time after time I caught myself saying: "This girl is fantastic. Her voice gives me shivers. Good shivers."

As for the guys who are Rudimental. They are wonderful entertainers. They played their own instruments. They jumped. They screamed. They mounted every single lyric with vocalists. Their performance through the whole night was packed with magnetic energy. Energy and atmosphere which made you dance and sing out loud.

My favourite moment was while performing their biggest hit yet FEEL THE LOVE. They made us sing the chorus over and over while disappearing to the backstage for a quick break. The whole crowd was on their feet and sung from the depths of their throats: "You know I said it's true, I can feel the love, Can you feel it too, I can feel it ah-ah."The wen on for full 5 mins till the band reappeared. Absolutely fantastic.

This gig had one of the best atmosphere I've been included in. I can compare with Kings Of Leon and Imagine Dragons gigs which were the other two gigs with ecstatic charming atmosphere which sucked you in and didn't let go.

The only bad thing I can say is THE MOSH. Why guys insist on doing the mosh a the gigs? It's not fun for the people around you. I have had two massive bruises thanks to you which are still in the process of healing. REALLY? What is so appealing about being thrown around each other, bumped into each other as hard as we can? NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. It is actually very annoying. Please, stop doing it!

But to summarise my first experience with Rudimental Live: it was a fantastic gig, which I truly enjoyed. I had a great time and will definitely make sure to see them in the future.


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