Monday, 11 November 2013


Happy Monday everyone!!!

How are you all doing? I am absolutely ecstatic and so excited for this week!!! Not only my local gym started to run Yoga classes in the morning, my fridge is stacked with some healthy foods, I have some great finds for December Book Bonanza, but also this week I am lucky enough to see only only one of my favourite bands, but TWO!!!!!

Sometimes I love being a blogger and enjoy the time at the gigs!!  My favourite girl Claire and I are lucky enough to score some tickets for STEREOPHONICS and IMAGINE DRAGONS!!!! Hello, musical heaven!!! Thank you Leeds for being such great city to attract these incredible musical and both in one week!! Jealous much? hehe

So this week's #MusicMonday is all about these two incredible bands. I don't neither of us needs an introduction to these great musicians. 

Let's get down to the business and discuss favourite tunes by these two awesome bands in town of Leeds!!!!


DAKOTA by Stereophonics

IT'S TIME by Imagine Dragons

JUST LOOKING by Stereophonics

AMSTERDAM by Imagine Dragons

HAVE A NICE DAY by Stereophonics

RADIOACTIVE by Imagine Dragons

MAYBE TOMORROW by Stereophonics

NOTHING LEFT TO SAY / ROCKS (Medley) by Imagine Dragons

SUPERMAN by Stereophonics

MY FAULT by Imagine Dragons

YOU'RE MY STAR by Stereophonics

BLEEDING OUT by Imagine Dragons

IT MEANS NOTHING by Stereophonics

UNDERDOG by Imagine Dragons

HANDBAGS & GLADRAGS by Stereophonics

ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD by Imagine Dragons

MORE LIFE IN A TRAMP VEST by Stereophonics

ROUND'N'ROUND by Imagine Dragons

Who is your personal winner? I, myself, cannot decide. But one thing is sure! I cannot bloody wait for Friday and Saturday to come soon enough!!!

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