Monday, 9 December 2013

#MondayNews & #MusicMonday in ONE

All right my lovelies? Guess What!!! Weekend is over and that means we are back to the most unpopular day of the week - MONDAY. I have been having a proper MONDAY BLUES today all day long. It got so bad, that I actually went to the gym and run for 45 mins just so I can forget about the day. 

Are you feeling the same? Might be because it's so close to Christmas and everybody seems so stressed.  But don't fret my darlings, me and my amazing team at Secret Reading Garden are preparing some great posts for you in next couple of weeks. And of course we are slowly adjusting to the changes we are planning in new year. 

So this week's #MondayNews post will be a mix of the old and the new one. Not only I will share with you what we have in store for you this week, but you are also lucky enough to hear my picks for this melancholy monday - and they ARE NOT Christmas songs!!!! 

So firstly let's get down to the business. I have been busy reading #DIVERGENT TRILOGY by Veronica Roth. As you know, or probably read, Claire already reviewed these books, so I have decided to write a review of the series as a whole, not individual books. I am currently about 1/4 in the last book, so keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming review. Not only that, but I am currently writing the review of THE BOY IN STRIPED PYJAMAS by John Boyne so you can look forward to read that soon. 

Andy is working hard on his big Music post for the end of the year, but don't worry he is still forced to read Fifty Shades of Grey so he can share with you his thoughts on each individual chapter

Also him and Claire are both reading ENDER'S GAME.. I can smell a review, but who will be first to write it? Watch the space. 

Our newbie, Dave, is in progress of being properly introduce to you guys, so please be patient, he is a blog virgin!! We are having a special adjustment party at our house this Saturday - A Game Night of the Geeks. I smell board games, Black and White Russians, lots of food and treats. Should be a good night!

As you can see, we are working hard on keeping you satisfied! Myself and Claire were even watching the latest movie reviewed by Andy - MAN OF STEEL. And we could definitely agree on one thing. HENRY CAVILL is God's gift to us women!!! That man is just gorgeous!!!

So thank you very much for reading our little creation! We are currently over 24000 page views which we can thank you for that !!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH LOVELIES!!!


Anyways, now let me share with you my melancholy playlist for this week's Monday!!

STUBBORN LOVE by The Lumineers

FOLLOW by Crystal Fighters

WE ARE GOLDEN by Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy

I KNOW by Tom Odell



NEW YORK by Snow Patrol

White Winter Hymnal  by Birdy

Well that's all from me for this post, I am sure to share with you more posts as the week goes on. Have a good one and enjoy the preparation for Christmas!! Our Christmas tree is up and ready :)

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