Monday, 2 December 2013


Hello there our lovely readers!!!

How are you all doing? Had a good weekend? We, here in Secret Reading Garden, are keeping ourselves busy by preparing posts for you and experiencing life so we can share with you something new everyday.!!!

So this monday I am coming to you with some news. 

But firstly, let me apologise for #MusicMonday post not being posted last week. Unfortunately, other commitments and illness forbid me to write. Also #MusicMonday is one of the things which is changing too. But let's start with the most important news of all:

WE HAVE A NEW CO-AUTHOR!! Yes, our family is growing and we are welcoming another member and our friend to share with you his thoughts and opinions, and trust me, there will be a lot of opinions. We are talking about a guy who winds me up by pronouncing the word GYM as GAIM… seriously, he is perfect for this job!! Let me introduce you to DAVE. Dave is a geek who enjoys a good book and game nights. He doesn't mind dressing up as a gay pirate. Sorry Dave!! He is incredibly clever and has always something to say. With him,  you will definitely not be bored. Not a bloody chance. And he is a sweetheart and a wonderful friend. I hope you will all welcome him with open arms to our family and give him a lot of reading time!! WELCOME DAVE!!!

In another news. Andy is currently taking a break from 2Bad 2Bearable post as he has a big music post in store for you. As you all know, the end of year is on our doorsteps so Andy being the main music critic in our little fam, is preparing something BIG!! But don't worry I am still making him to write his regular Fifty Shades of Grey critique as the Sunday wouldn't be the same without it!

Now, me and Claire are reading and reading and have a plenty of material to make sure that we recommend you some really good books, so don't forget to read our reviews and make sure to send us suggestions either via Twitter, Facebook or simply leave a comment on any of our posts!! 

Not to mention that we all make regular trips to our local cinemas so we can report on the latest films. 

Anyways, now I have decided to spice up a little bit the #MusicMonday post. I am changing to #MondayNews post and instead I will regularly share with you what we have in store for you that particular week. So pin your mondays in your diaries for the updates. Don't worry, we will still share with you music. But everyday, one of us picks a song for that day. Something which was stuck in our heads.  But you need to wait for that until next year!! Coming January 1st 2014 you can listening everyday to our playlist which will be growing by day!! 

Also, we are writing our Best & Worse of 2013 for you. Each of us will share with you our favourite book, song, album, TV series and movie and also have a rant about the worst what we have experienced this year. So before the year comes to an end, you will have the opportunity to read our picks! 

I know that it's a lot of changes but we are always looking for ways to improve, so you can find something interesting to read everyday. 

Thank you very much for reading , you don't even know how much it all means to us!!

Have a lovely week!!

Lots of love

Zuz, Claire, Andy & Dave xXx

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