Monday, 23 December 2013


Well hello there!!! How are we all doing?!?! I hope nobody is stressed out from the upcoming holiday!! I've been very organised this year compare to the previous ones. All presents bought and wrapped week before the famous gifts-giving, lots-of-food-eating, alcohol-drinking, relaxing, spending-the-time-with-family Jesus' birthday!!

But even the well planned gift buying and post preparing didn't spare me a christmas flu!! Great!! Nothing better that spend the holiday with a tissue glued to your nose sneezing like you would be getting paid for it. Happy Xmas to me!!

Never the less, I am well enough to share with you all the things we have in store for you for next two weeks!! Yes, you heard me! Like any magazine in the world, we are taking the two-week edition of #MondayNews!!! 

Firstly, Dandy has finally decided to be productive and wrote the well anticipated take on the Chapter 6 of Fifty shades of Grey!! It's been written and posted yesterday, so please make sure to read it!! I am sure to pull out my whip and make sure that the 7th chapter isn't long behind! Not even the 8th one! But he wasn't only busy reading about the attics of Christian Grey and his new mistress Anna Steele! He has been glued to his headphones listening through the at-the-moment hugely popular christmas songs and is preparing for his TOP 10 CHRISTMAS SONG chart! Are you excited??? And I cannot forget to mention to hugely talked about END-OF-THE-YEAR chart!!!!! I really don't know which songs will make the the top 10 best and which will be at the opposite end!! Keep your eyes open for those posts too. 

Claire has finished her ENDER'S GAME book and is busy writing the review of this well known book. Not only that, but for her birthday I got her a book she has been talking about since the waiting-at-the-airport-on-our-way-to-Corfu trip. She has a new book on her bookshelf! THE UNIVERSE VERSUS ALEX WOODS by Gavin Extence!! So I am sure that she will be sharing her thoughts on this book as well. 

Now Dave has finally picked up the pen and wrote aka typed his BEST & WORST (basically a summary) of 2013. I am so excited to share with you his first post so definitely keep a watchful eye on that one. He isn't the only one preparing the summary of the year! Me, Andy & Claire are working on ours too, so don't worry there is plenty of posts to come!!

Little me (the shortest person in the group - but the most important LOL)… I am currently making my way through Bridget Jones and Mad About The Boy book. I will be honest I am struggling a little bit, but hopefully the disappointment of a book will be soon over, so I can share with you my very surprising thoughts and reactions to this year's most anticipated novel. And this post will be worth. Also I have prepared for you another mini-post about another mini story by Veronica Roth from the world of Divergent. I can't forget to mention a post I working on at the moment (when not torturing myself by reading Helen Fielding's latest creation!) about most beautiful books I own in my library! And hopefully, I will find the time and space to finish off the FALLEN SERIES by Lauren Kate. All books are sitting patiently on my bookshelf waiting to be read!!!

As you can see, we have a lot in work at the moment. We aren't going to forget about this holiday! Don't fret!! I will make sure to have a post for you everyday for next two weeks!!! FOURTEEN BRAND NEW POSTS only for you, our lovely readers!!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Enjoy this time with family and friends! Don't forget to tweet us, Facebook us or leave a comment below with the presents of descriptions of what you found underneath the christmas tree in your homes!! If you get any books, let us know what they are and if you recommend to read them!!

Looking forward to speak to you soon !!!


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