Monday, 30 September 2013


Hello there my lovelies!

Welcome to my birthday week!! Oh yeah, the time of the year is here again and my number of years is getting one more added on. Twenty-freaking-eight. Great! Anyways, and because it's my birthday and this is my baby, I have decided to share with you some of my guilty pleasures this week.

SAME LOVE by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, feat. Mary Lambert

THE WIRE by Haim

USE SOMEBODY by Kings Of Leon


HO HEY by The Lumineers

So what songs are your guilty pleasures?

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Book Review: One Day

One Day
By David Nicholls

Set in the grey bustling Capital city of London, One Day had me from the beginning. 
It ploughed straight into one of the biggest issues of your early twenties. What am i going to do with my life, now iv finished uni? Combine this with the morning after the night before, waking up in bed with someone having shared the night, and having to face the situation(s). I seem to be asking myself this every day these days! Just not with the one-night-stand. 
The opening chapters of this book sets to instil in us that overwhelming feeling and presence of the chemistry between them. That feeling of admiration, passion, pride and that one we just cant quite describe; starting in our bellys and loins that fills you with primal desires

Her admiring him: 
'She peered up at him through her was clear why he wanted to stay this way... He had the knack of looking perpetually posed for a photograph. He had one of those faces that where you were aware of the bones beneath the skin... a fine nose. There was something feline about him. Gratifyingly his hair was terrible. Handsome, or beautiful even, with his paisley boxer shorts pulled down to his hop bones and somehow here in her bed.'
And him admiring her:
 'her small neat nose...there was no denying that her face- well, her face was a wonder. With her eyes closed he found that he couldn't recall their exact colour, only that they were large, bright and humerus...All f this giving the impression that she was holding something back, laughter or a clever remark or a fantastic secret joke.' 
I loved that opening chapter. The outcome of things you do when your young and irresponsible and just living life!!! The times you say 'I cant believe i did that!' but you wouldn't do any differently given the chance again. Cliche it may have been, some may say cheesy, but i loved it.

Being born and bred in Leeds myself, i could instantly place Emma, her features, style, anecdotes and the infamous Yorkshire accent. I disagree that we all sound like people from Emmerdale. But from the beginning i had a good idea about who she was and the way she was.

The one thing i really enjoyed about this book was the banter that occurred between Emma and Dexter was carried through to the end. It made me laugh-out-loud several times. Dexter and Emma's relationship, though turbulent, never lost its edge. Emma's loyalty and faith kept the relationship together, although at the end of the book, it becomes apparent that Dexter saw Emma all along. That she was special, and could really mean something. But he was just a jerk-bag living life how he thought was popular and expected of him. 

I must say it was interesting to read of the scenes in which Dexter was high. The interaction of the clubbers and social-groups when you are high and the terrifying reality of things (actions, surrounding and associates) when coming down
Dexter's self-destruction saw him abandon his mother when she was dying, and with his family over and over again. And friends? 'Friends were like clothes, fine while they lasted but eventually they wore thin or you grew out of them.' It was heart-breaking to read through the break-down of his relationships with everyone he knew, but he was a complete fault and centre of the blame. 'Its not that you were ever nice to me, never that interested, you were off you face most of the time-... You weren't even faithful to me, usually off fucking some runner or
waitress or whatever.'
Dexter was selfish, over-indulgent, arrogant, self-destructive mess of a person, hooked on alcohol, drugs and 'the next big thing'

'This is not the first drink of the day, it is the last drink of the night... He has a sudden overwhelming need to drink and to keep on drinking.' 'The trick is to use the uplift of the booze to counteract the downward tumble of the drugs, he is getting drunk to stay sober which when you think about it is actually pretty sensible.' -Said only ever the fucked-up person geared out of his skull! 

Until the end, the book let you think otherwise though. Let you think Dexter saw her as a friend and only ever friendsAnd in a way she was, until he 'got it out of his system'! it was a one-sided relationship where Emma was constantly giving and Dex only taking. Dexter lead an incredibly selfish life for a long long time. Played to others expectations and ran from reality and truth at every opportunity. For this he paid a costly and painful price. Despite the fact that he still always thought of Emma in times of need, he never grew-up. 

I felt for Emma all the way through the book. She was dealt a crap hand, and things just weren't working for her for a long time. She never saw herself or carried forward her strength and beauty. Often settling for second best in many aspects of her life, but mainly with men. I admired that she never gave up on hope, but i was also disappointed that she 'settled'. Her and Ian's relationship was doomed from the start. Should never of happened even as she was never in love with him. There was no real attraction to poor old Ian. But who am i to judge her. I'm sure we've all come across that awkward situation. And the affair? Well, there's nothing new to say there about her self-worth and view of herself. 

When things started happening for Emma and Dexter, it really drew everything together. All the love and frustration, tension and history between them. Life was good and things were working for them both. They faced ups and downs and tackled the world together. It was obvious neither of them felt lonely or standing by themselves. A place they had both been in a long time. It was Dex and Em. Em and Dex

When i was recommended this book by a work colleague, i said yes, a bittersweet tragic love story, 'i can handle at the moment'. I was told i would cry at the end. And the book really did move me. I had to take a moment to take in what had happened, however <<<spoiler alert>>> i didn't cry when she died. It was sad, and written beautifully, but it didn't make me cry. You may be calling me a 'cold-heart bitch' but hear me out.

It was the chapters following that moved me. Loss, grief and heartbreak are horrible. It was the way Dexter had to handle loosing Emma. 'Without her he is without merit or virtue or purpose...poised with regret and shame.' 'For the first time that day he felt a rush of despair and loneliness.' Anyone who has been trough or is going through something like this, knows very well these emotions. Not something i'd wish for again anyway! 
The sheer turmoil inside, handling day-to-day tasks, going through her stuff. Raw and uncontrollable emotion can easily rip apart and destroy a part of you. 

The metaphor of dealing with grief, to like walking on ice i thought was clever, one i haven't heard before and very true.
"These days grief seems like walking on a frozen river; most of the time he feels safe enough, but there is always that danger that he will plunge through. Now he hears e ice crack beneath him, and so intense and panicking is the sensation that he has to stand for a moment, press his hands to his face and catch his breath. He exhales slowly through his fingers... And sits there in silence to gather himself. The ice creaks beneath him."
We have to tread carefully. Know what we can step on that can take the weight and wont cause us to plunge under. 

The way in which the story was set out, on St. Swithins day each year, was fantastic. This snapshot approach allowed so much to happen with out having to deal with and discuss everything in detail (such as Dexters mothers death etc). It allowed us to see how their lives grew and progressed over 20 years and how they endured each other at differing parts of their lives. The story was written very cleverly and very well. Some details were left unsaid but this added to the book as i filled in from my own imagination and interpretation. The structuring of the final section made this story even more touching, These chapters alternated between the present year and the day they first met in 1988. A continuation of the events of that one day, the morning after the night before. It allowed us to see that, despite Emma being a one-night-stand, he really did see something in her. Revealing these details of that day at the end of the book really brought things together. The significance of what they had gone through both together and alone. Incorporating these scenes into Dexter's return trip up Arthur's seat filled me with sad happiness. He was moving on, happy again and had a purpose in life. But he would always cherish his life and memories with Emma. 

I think this way of writing the book really made this book what it is. A bitter-sweet and beautiful tragedy. Without this style it would have been like any other love-story, i.e. Boring!!! But the exact opposite happened with me. It was beautiful

I very much enjoyed reading this book. It made me laugh-out-loud, feel happy and sad. And i connected with the characters. It made me think about life and love. After all, real life is not perfect. Things never quite work out the way we thought or quite intended. Were all fighting our own battles and trying to make the most of what we have
This book was real. It approaches and tackles the very issues we all ponder and worry over ourselves. Self-worth, insecurities, love, life, the future etc. All things we have to conquer at some point in our lives. But it also gives hope. It is a sweet story, one that is well-written, well thought through and well structured. 

One Day is a lovely story of life and love. It is easy to read and one that i would read again in the future. Another one i I would recommend. 

Quotes i took a moment over:

"I suppose the important thing is to make a difference... You know, actually change something... Not the entire world. Just that little bit around you."

"There is always joy in witnessing the joy of others"

"Simply try and be good and courageous and bold and to make a difference. Not change the world exactly, but the bit around you. Go out there with your passion and your electric type-writer and work hard at something. Change lives through art maybe. Cherish your friends, stay true to your principles, live passionately and full and well. Experience new things. Love and be loved, if you ever got the chance."

"I'm perfectly content thankyou. And i refuse to be defined by my boyfriend. Or lack of. Once you decide not to worry about that stuff anymore, dating and relationships and love and all that, its like your free to get on with real life!"

"If you have to keep something secret, its because you shouldn't be doing it in the first place!"

"These days grief seems like walking on a frozen river; most of the time he feels safe enough, but there is always that danger that he will plunge through. Now he hears e ice crack beneath him, and so intense and panicking is the sensation that he has to stand for a moment, press his hands to his face and catch his breath. He exhales slowly through his fingers... And sits there in silence to gather himself. The ice creaks beneath him."

Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Mortal Instruments: The Big Room With Skulls Jutting Out Of The Walls That's On Screen For Less Than 5 Minutes

Such a misleading image depicting the size of the City of Bones I have seldom seen

Seeing as the Zuzminastrator has already given her verdict on this adaptation, this review will have very little information regarding the story, instead I'm going to focus on what is wrong and what (if anything) is right with The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

So without further ado, let's talk Twilight.

'Look sleepy Stewart' 'Fantastic! Now why couldn't you emote that well in the film we just paid you for?'

This may come as a surprise but I'm not the biggest fan of Twilight. It could have something to do with me being a grumpy 31 year old who finds teen romance a bore and Kirsten Stewart as appealing as brick wearing some skinny jeans but I prefer to think it has more to do with the stupidly shallow characters, the stale story and the horrible thought of Stephanie Myer frigging herself raw whenever she wrote a sentence that had anything to do with Jacob going topless.

This shameless 'Fwankfiction' which only existed at first to serve the lewd desires of the sexually frustrated authors has it's place but I'm not sure the world of Hollywood films is the right one. The same with music; any form of media which was made for sole reason of projecting a self absorbed fantasy may appeal to a mass who have the same misguided desires as yourself, but the rest of us you are just going to piss off. If you write, read and like watching these shameless lack of a good seeing to creations then fair enough, may I suggest though in the comfort of your own bedroom, your own house, your own town, preferably your own little world.

But hey, it turns out it absurdly makes money! right? And as long as that keeps happening we're stuck with it, until the trend thankfully departs. Possibly like Westerns or those natural disaster films that were all the rage in the nineties. Maybe I'm just bitter that my steamy fan stories of a love affair between an over weight tax collector, the Creature From The Black Lagoon and The Elephant Man weren't received as well as I hoped.

when in a love triangle, never bring glasses to a sword fight
The reason I'm bringing this into the light is because The Mortal Instruments series has been compared, quite predictably to Twilight; mainly because it involves supernatural beings, a love triangle between the female lead and two chunks of eye candy, and in my opinion the lead character of both is nothing more than a conduit to live out the writer's fantasies ie. being so pretty that men and monster alike want to get into her knickers, having unique powers which make them even more irresistible to said stereotypes and of course being the 'lucky girl' to be in love triangle in the first place.

There is a difference between the two however, a big one. Several in fact.

First the ideology and physical properties of the mythic creatures used is more in tune to common folklore and our general knowledge rather that the liberties Myer took. Second the lead female character Clary is being played by someone (Lily Collins) who while isn't the greatest actress of all time, at least doesn't sound like she needs to reach for her inhaler between every take. Also the vampires that are briefly involved stay with the common theme that sunlight is bad in the burning flesh kind of way, rather than being able to be spotted because they've suddenly turned into a disco ball

The Mortal Instruments is written by Cassandra Clare (lead character's full name Clarissa 'Clary' Fray... Cassandra Clare... yeah, subtle) and there is talk about her being a plagiarist in that she has stolen most of her ideas from Harry Potter fanfiction from other authors which she copied from in order to create her own. On this film alone I don't see it, but I do see her copying ideas from the likes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Blade, The Shadow, Underworld, a smattering of Twilight and even flipping Star Wars, I kid you not.

I understood what was going on the film, the plot albeit elaborate is easy to follow and the characters are all distinguishable from each other at least. But one of the reasons for this is due to the film not doing anything other than explaining.

There are no characters in this film, not one. Oh sure there are actors playing parts that have names. but all they do is drill the audience with exposition for fear that the concept is too much for our little minds to handle. In fact I'll just come out and say it, this film comes across as patronizing a as nursery school teacher patting your head and giving you a dog biscuit

Strike the pose. Vogue
I was told on good authority (ie. a friend who read the book) that the character of Jace is a cocky, arrogant, sarcastic son of a gun who you can't help but like because not only does he make you laugh but deep down you know he actually gives a crap about what's going on. In this film Jamie Campbell-Bower plays the role as straight as a ruler but without the charisma. He may look the part and he's clearly prepared for the role by using his abdomen to hand wash his clothes, it's just a shame he didn't take the time to put down the weights and pick up the book every now and then and read it rather than trying to tear it in half in one go with his butt cheeks. Having a different interpretation of the character is fine but for god sakes adjust their dialogue accordingly otherwise it comes across as
out of place as a cow in the middle of an aircraft carrier.

Strangely I didn't hate this film though because there was nothing to get angry about. There was nothing to laugh at, there was nothing to get invested in but more worryingly I don't think this was intentional. Many times was an exchange written between characters was meant to evoke laughter or a mild chuckle from the audience. It didn't though, it fell flatter than a stingray being thrown out of a 747. And this wasn't just me that wasn't rolling in the aisles, the entire theatre didn't emit as much as a chortle to these lines. The lines were pretty bad granted but this failure was shared between the director and the actors and nothing else. If we take the metaphor of using a stopwatch as an example of good comic timing, this cast were using a sundial

My final verdict for this film is 2 out of 5

It certainly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and the story is compelling enough for me to actively seek out the next part whenever it surfaces. But as a stand alone film this fails the most simplistic of tasks; it's too dark, too serious and has little to no humour at all (unintentional or not)

I remember watching Twilight and being in stitches at the wooden acting, shoddy CGI and the lead character being more hate worthy than Percy Wetmore from The Green Mile (at least he was meant to be a dick)

Thursday, 26 September 2013


I'm late, I'm late, I'm late for the normal date!

Apologies all, there is only one person to blame for this and would be me, and possibly Jay Asher for writing a book so compelling I couldn't help but read it all the way through in one night (oh yes, there will be a review)

So now I've admitted I'm late, please forgive, forget and move on (nothing to see here, check below, plenty to see there)

Alice In Chains - The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

Oh come on, Alice In Chains? Are you serious? Last week we had Nine Inch Nails and I made a flippant remark about which other alt-metal band from the 90's would make an appearance. I neglected to mention this forgotten bunch who most people may know from playing Guitar Hero and figuring out the difference between a hammer on and hammer off to Them Bones. If I had have said it though I would have definitely had bought a lottery ticket this week. Maybe I should guess who will be number one. And get it right! And Pigs Might Fly Out my Arse... on Vespas!!

Well first off this is by far and away the scariest sounding song I've come across since starting this little venture. It's sinister, it's macabre and it tries to hit you hard in ways to both disturb and enlighten you, with a combination of over exuberant metaphors and zombie like vocals. There's even a guitar part in just after the chorus which is eerily reminiscent of the chilling strums of the My Dying Bride's The Dreadful Hours (I bet a tenner than no one reading this has heard of that song and to be fair neither had I until a few years ago)

It's very slow song but it keeps your interest, but it is overlong and after a while the scare factor turns into a mild discomfort. It's not catchy but then I don't think it was ever meant to be, and the song isn't as clever or heretic as it makes itself out to be. The lyrics seem to be having a pop at religion or more specifically that there is an all knowing all ignorant entity controlling us and trying to blur the lines of reality to better fit their existence. That's fine but the main idea of Devil Putting Dinosaurs Here is not only silly, in the creationists idealism it's actively encouraged that the complete reverse is the 'truth': God created dinosaurs and lived with man and the bible actually has scripture that proves this.

 I'm serious, check it on Youtube. It's educatingly hilarious

Dizzee Rascal - Something Really Bad

Cheers Dizzee, couldn't have put it better myself. Moving on...

Jonas Brothers - First Time

Err... I actually like the intro. It has a very Savage Garden feel to it... Nope, sorry that was the advert for the new LG mobile. Good sound track though, must find out more. Right I'll skip that and move on now to the real song.

I know they're supposed to be bigger then Corn Dogs in the good old US but to be honest other than the name being thrown about in usually some derogatory or satirical way, I've never heard a Jonas Brothers song. So fittingly enough, this could be my first time too (be gentle fellas)

So that was my first JoBro experience and do know what I think? You really want to know?! Well I'll tell you: This song is by the heavens THE most OK song, of the week. It's very ok, not good, but ok. The beat is ok. The lyrics are ok, the singing is ok. I'm neither offended nor mesmerised by this. To be honest I don't see what all the fuss was about? Have they changed their style and sound? Otherwise how can a band so 'beige' be painted so pious and annoying?

I'm stunned by this indifference I have. What's wrong with me?!!


Keane - Higher Than The Sun

This song is truly amazing. It's timeless. It will transcend the decades, nay EONS and be remembered as piece of music legend. Or so I imagine when such a fabled piece of art so difficult to find it may as well be hung up with such elusive relics as the Golden Fleece, Ark of The Convenant and Shergar.

The title is not a metaphor; it is prophecy. Actually screw that, it is directions you must follow in order to be deemed worthy of listening to such auditory nectar, that seemingly only exists past the point of no return, over the bridge of Khazad-Dum and beyond the reaches of the known universe.

Directions alas I could not follow  (There are few who can)

To be honest I'll bet no one has heard this damn song, it may not even exist but the fact remains that both Musicmania and The Official Top 40 website has this song down as being released this week and yet it is no.where. Not even Amazon.

I like you Keane, but not enough to do the internet equivalent of Sir Ranulph Finnes to find your port swilling arses

Gary Numan - Love, Hurt, Bleed

This is bizarre; I'm listening to Gary Numan and it sounds more like Nine Inch Nails than Nine Inch Nails sounded last week. I know Reznor was influenced partly by Numan's electro/synth style of composition and tone but this is just weird. It's almost like Numan wrote this after reading Helter Skelter and forgot to take his Prozac. It's dark, it's foreboding and as far as I'm aware nothing like Numan used to be. Is it good? Yes I think it is, but this is about as shocking a change as it would be if Marylin Manson released a pop song about the dangers of under age drinking. I could be completely wrong about this observation but I'm only going by what I know about Numan.

I should probably look into him maybe a little closer (just not enough to feel him from the inside)

And my pick for 2BAD of the week are?...

Kanye West - Bound 2

Holy molly, where do I goddamn begin? I've heard the mating calls of a walrus with better song structure and flow than this. It actually sounds like it was produced by someone who has no idea what a song is, should be or even has the potential to be. The samples that he uses verge on the godawful to the downright frightening. There's one particular vocal that interjects it's way into the song in such an abrupt way it feels like a viral internet screamer joke.

This is not just bad noise, it's noise that physically startled me (several times) The kind of thing you'd imagine is played via immovable headphones for the purpose of interrogation, next to sleep deprivation and water boarding.

Kanye West?  Can ya *Beep*

GTF - Wanna Be With You

I can't do it, sorry I refuse to give my opinion on this because I will be so unfairly biased it would be just be mean. I hate repetitive dance tunes that have incessantly jarring syth riffs in background that make me feel like my is ear canal is being flossed with razor wire and I especially hate it when they take certain lines of emotion heavy classic songs and use a vocal that sounds like they may as well be singing about sucking their own knob-end. Plus I love Fleetwood Mac

Do the maths, shouldn't take long

I know those were hard to listen to but fear not, redemption is here for now we have 2BEARABLE songs of the week!

Capital Cities - Safe & Sound

I've never heard of these guys but I can't but admire how much I can't keep from rocking my head to and fro whilst listening to this track. At times it sounds very reminiscent of MGMT but without the sense of hidden dread. It's a very happy up beat song about expressing how much you care for a person and will do anything for them, and not necessarily in a romantic way. The simple but touching lyrics make it easy to adapt to both friend and partner alike. Their voices harmonise really well too.

Haim - The Wire

Is this a girl? Oh good, a singer who actually sounds like their sex for a change. Many girls in fact. It's a girl band and one who write their own music! Fancy that.

These girls have a very Bangles meets Dixie Chicks vibe to them. No bad thing either. Perky little track about a good type of break up. You tried to work out but it's just not working out and your better off apart in the long run. A great message about the possibility of escaping and how much better off you could be. It's nice to hear such an up beat song for this kind of theme. Never heard of Haim before now, they will definitely be on my radar now though

Thanks again for reading people

See you somewhat earlier next week

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Holly Bourne: SOULMATES

Warning! This book will make you cry! Guaranteed!

September is a month of reading love stories. I have read some pretty good ones so far and a lot of them left a long-lasting impression on me. Well, that was until I read SOULMATES. 

SOULMATES is a debut novel by english author HOLLY BOURNE. Yey, finally an english girl writing a proper down-to-earth love story. I have found this book browsing through Waterstones last month (yeah, I know I have a problem.. being told off all the time!) and the plot immediately caught my attention. 

"Soulmates do exist. But not as you think. Every so often two people are born who are the perfect match of one another. Soulmates. But what if meeting your soulmate is earth-shattering, literally? An epic, electrifying and extra-ordinary debut about falling in love. 

A love story to end the world..."

Now this could go two ways:  

  • It will be crap. The plot will lack the excitement of the promised story or it would under-developed. A soppy disaster and the author will not be able to pull it off. 
  • It will be incredible. A future New York Times best-seller.

Which one it will be?

I must say I am so happy that the latter is the case. Soulmates is a wonderful love story. We all heard and read the stories of Romeo&Juliet, Edward&Bella, Ian&Wanderer, Park&Eleanor, Jared&Melanie, Andrew&Camryn, Antonio&Cleopatra... Love stories where protagonists fought for their one true love to survive. But you haven't read a story like Poppy's & Noah's. 

Poppy is this skeptical girl who thinks love is just a hormonal reaction of our bodies. She doesn't believe in love. She doesn't believe in soul mates. A pretty sarcastic girl when it come to the whole love thing. But then one day everything changes. She meets Noah and love hits her like a hurricane. She falls for him deep and fast. And Noah falls in love with her. And it's all wonderful, until... well I am not going to spoil it for you. But I have to issue a warning: YOU WILL CRY! A LOT! And if don't cry, then you don't have a heart. You are soul-less. 

Now there are books and there are BOOKS!!! BOOKS with capital letters I mean. Amazing stories which will leave a permanent mark on you. They will change you. SOULMATES IS ONE OF THEM. 

Soulmates is a unique story which gets to you straight away. From the first page. It will get under your skin so deeply then you will never be able to shake it off. 

The way and the language the author used when writing this book is very close to you. You will find yourself in Poppy's character and you will relate to her in so many ways. At least I was. I loved the way Poppy thinks and stands up for herself. It's entertaining to watch and read. And then we have Noah... OH MY GOD. The boy is dreamy. Musician. Romantic. Bad boy attitude. Check, check, check.. and I cannot forget to mention that he has a huge sex-appeal. Catch-ing!! Poppy, you are one lucky girl.

Holly wrote this novel in very entertaining and very british manner which I am so thankful for. It was so much easier to imagine the surroundings and the characters' manners and the ways they talk. Smart. Funny. Unique experience. Modern day Romeo&Juliet. Energetic. Sexy. This book takes you on extra-ordinary journey. It will make you fall in love with it and the idea of finding the right person for yourself - YOUR SOULMATE. 

There are moments, which made me stop reading and think about the words I have just read. The meaning behind them and the actual truth. Pure truth about love and soul mates. And there was a particular question raised. If you would know that you cannot be with your soulmate because it would destroy the world.. If you could know that you need to be separated and there will be pain and hurt...For the rest of your lives you would know that there is a piece of you missing which cannot be ever filled.. Would you fall in love with the person again? Would you do it all over? And there is only one answer to that question, which is beautifully put in author's words:


"Here's what I have learnt since that awful day. What should happen isn't always what does happen, especially where love is concerned. Happy endings are reserved strictly for the fiction shelves of bookstores. In reality, people don't chase their lovers through airports to stop them getting on aeroplanes. The most popular guy in school doesn't fall for the class geek. Friends don't suddenly realise their eternal adoration for each other at the countdown do New Year's Eve, on the top of Empire State Building, in the rain.

Noah and I could never run into the sunset. 

Real love doesn't mend everything. Real love doesn't conquer all. And, most importantly, real love doesn't require a happily-ever-after, that's not what it's about. But real love does change you. It moulds you. It burns your heart into a charred cinder that relights like a phoenix, stronger and more blazing than ever. 

The true test of life isn't how you cope when everything is going your favour, it's how you deal with things that could destroy you, if you let them. 

That's the thing about love. However you have it, however you've had it - it never goes. Once it's touched you, it's touched you for ever. You'll be permanently scarred by its brilliance. You can walk through the rest of your life with the wonderful knowledge...

Someone once loved me and it was beautiful. 

No one can take that from you. 

And there are times, sometimes, when you need to remember that. Acknowledge it. Remember how lucky you are that you ever had it at all. 
And then there are the times when the only appropriate thing to do is stop crying, let it go, with light and love in your heart, and to continue living with your life to the best of your ability. "


Now, this is the bit which made me cry the hardest. Even now re-typing it, it makes me cry again. Tears down my faces. And the reason? It's the truth about love said in the most simplest way. 

Soulmates. Epic love story. A story which will change you un-expectedly. You change the way you look at soulmates and one true love. If you are a believer, it will strengthen your faith. If you are an unbeliever, then it will change your mind. You will become a believer. You will be a hopeful romantic. And most of all, you will want so badly for Poppy & Noah to stay together. You will pray that somehow there will be a way, new discovery perhaps, which will allow them to be together for ever like they are meant to be. 

Holly Bourne wrote the most wonderful love story which will stay with you even after your turn the last page. It will permanently become a part of you for ever. It will open your horizons and you will start to appreciate love more. 

Beautifully written. Easy to follow. Enchanting. This book will have you under a spell. You will start reading and you will not be able to stop. You become hungry for more. The type of hunger which can only be satisfied with finishing the book. And once you are finished, once this tragic love story is over, you will be filled with weird satisfied sadness. 

This story doesn't have a happy ending. But this story is true to the core, keeps you grounded and it will change you for ever. 

Original story by very british Holly Bourne about epic love. It's a must-have and must-read. 

Thank you Holly for writing this masterpiece.

Monday, 23 September 2013


You know the moment when you hear a song and instantly you fall in love with it? And you cannot stop thinking about it. It's imprinted in your head. Your mind has this track on repeat and you cannot get it out of your head. This has happened to me couple of times. Mostly thanks to watching trailers for the new released movies. 

So this week's #MusicMonday is packed with tunes from trailers I cannot stop thinking about. Thank you music business for creating such an incredible songs.

YOU & I by Crystal Fighters

I have never heard about Crystal Fighters before. Yes, some of you must think that I have been living in the cage but the opposite is true. Crystal Fighters tune appears in the background to a movie I have recommend in last week's #TrailerThursday - HOW I LIVE NOW. And since then it made its way to easyJet advert and my head too. I LOVE THIS TUNE so much that I am listening to every single song from this band ever written and recording. 

RADIOACTIVE by Imagine Dragons 

Oh, how much I love this band. Their album NIGHT VISION is one of the most played on my iPod. I have seen them live in April, but been lucky enough to purchase tickets for their upcoming gig in Leeds in November as well. Twice in year, YEYE!! And my love and admiration started when I first saw the trailer for adaptation of one of my favourite books - THE HOST. Thanks to RADIOACTIVE, the Imagine Dragons conquered the whole world. 

ALL I NEED by Radiohead

Oh you all know how much I love THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS books and how much I couldn't wait to see the movie. So when the trailers were slowly leaked, I have become obsessed watching them. And one particular song stuck to my mind. Well done Radiohead. Shame you didn't make the soundtrack. Actually the soundtrack to the actual movie was a disappointment. But the trailer was great!

Well have a great week everyone. Let me know what tunes got stuck in your head thanks to watching a trailer for a movie. I am always open to new findings. xXx

Saturday, 21 September 2013


Move over Gillian Flynn! There is a new thriller author on the scene! Her name is Kimberly McCreight! Kimberly recently published her debut novel RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA. And what a great piece of literature it is.

I am not a big fan of the thriller genre. You all know that I enjoy romance and fantasy fiction based books mostly. What can I say? I've got a big romantic melancholic heart which needs to be fed with the right food. But I like to keep my options open and therefore I am trying to read different genres of literature. Hey, we all need to try something new. My first couple of experiences weren't that great. Gone Girl was boring. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy was plot-less. But the third time is the charm, right?

So I am finding myself reaching to Reconstructing Amelia. From the first chapter I am hooked. What an incredible and interesting plot. Fascinating straight from the start. We follow a story of Kate - New York's young and finest lawyer who is called to her daughter's school one day in the middle of a very important meeting. When Kate arrives to school, she is greeting with a tragedy. Her daughter, Amelia, killed herself. Kate is absolutely devastated. After weeks of  sadness and trying to get over Amelia's suicide, she receives a text. "Amelia didn't jump." And so the journey to discover what really happen on the October morning begins.

Ms McCreight wrote one fantastic piece of thriller literature. I have not been able to put this book down. With each chapter, there was another new discovery, which kept you on your toes. You learn about the events from Kate's life. And we get to know Amelia and the events which led to the unfortunate October day.

I have truly enjoyed this breathe of fresh air in the thriller genre. It was captivating. Modern. Sexy. Easy to follow. Heart-racing. Scary. It was really scary. NO, not the plot but the subject this novel touched up on. Clubs, sororities, groups of friends or frenemies. People who enjoy our desire to get to know them, be the part of society and they use it to their advantage. They torture us. Bully us. Absolutely terrifying. I have been lucky enough to never experience the serious level of bullying but the things what happen in this book truly open my eyes to this serious matter. We should stop this. How can we, as a society of humans, allow this continue to happen. Inexcusable!

The author chose to write this story from Amelia's and Kate's point of view. We follow Amelia through the days which led to the unforgettable events and slowly discover who Amelia truly is. What she has been through. Her likes. Her dislikes. Her friends. Her relationship with her mother. And her first love. Her first heartbreak. Her sadness. The torture they put her through. And then we follow Kate's journey to find out what really happened to Amelia. 

I have truly enjoy this wonderfully-written novel. This book captures your attention straight from the start. It holds you in its hands and doesn't let go until you are completely finished. Until the story is over. It's a crime thriller which open up your mind and opinions. It gets under your skin. And you will never be able to forget the story. 

Many readers are calling Flynn's Gone Girl the Thriller of the year. But for me, RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA by Kimberly McCreight is "THE THRILLER OF YEAR". And Gone Girl doesn't come even close. 

I have become a fan of the author's writing. This story has now a permanent place in my library and I cannot wait to read more from the writer. Good Luck for the future Ms McCreight. Please, make sure to write more novels like this one. 

Here are couple of quotes which made the final cut:

“...[T]here's a fine line between wild and full-on whack job.” 

“It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't been counting the minutes until I could forgive her. But it's a lot harder to forgive someone who's not looking to apologize.”

“Everyone has beacons. Lights that guide them home.” 

Thursday, 19 September 2013


Ok, I have to apologise. I have been a bad blogger. I am behind with my #TrailerThursday regular post. I know. I know.. I should be on top of it. But I have been a little bit busy in last couple of weeks. And there were no trailers which sparkled my fancy. 

But finally, the curse is broken and I am able to share with you three new trailers for movies, I will definitely go and see. 

RUSH directed by Ron Howars

A true story based on true life events. The story of two amazing F1 drivers and rivals - James Hunt and Niki Lauda. I have actually been lucky enough to see this movie last Friday and I have loved it. It's fantastic. For me it is definitely "A MOVIE OF THE YEAR".

It is starring Chris Hemsworth as Hunt, Daniel Bruhl as Lauda and Olivia Wilde as Suzy Miller. Captivating story, amazing performances, incredible piece of cinematography. 

The film premiered last week and it's in cinemas worldwide right now. 

THE BOOK THIEF directed by Brian Percival

A movie adaption of best-selling book of the same title. 

While subjected to the horrors of World War 2, young Liesel finds solace by stealing books and sharing them with others. Under the stairs in her home, a Jewish refuge is being sheltered by her adoptive parents. A plot which gets your interest from the start. 

Starring Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson and young new talent Sophie Nelisse it has a promise of a great film adaptation. Cannot wait to see it. 

The film is released in USA on 15th November, but here in UK we have to wait until 31st January 2014. 

HOW I LIVE NOW directed by Kevin Macdonald

A story of American girl holidaying in English countryside. She falls in love and finds happiness until.. Until it is shattered by unexpected events. She finds herself and her family in hiding and fighting for survival when the World War 3 begins

The film stars a very talented Irish actress ( the master of accents ) Saoirse Ronan, Tom Holland, George MacKay. 

The film is released on my birthday October 4th 2013 in UK, but US audience needs to wait until November 8th 2013 with the rest of the world. Another movie to see on my birthday. 

So lovelies, let me know what you think about this week's picks and I will get it touch next Thursday. 
Have a good weekend xXx

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Savanna Fox: THE DIRTY GIRLS BOOK CLUB (New members wanted...)

THE DIRTY GIRLS BOOK CLUB is fictional novel written by Canadian author Savanna Fox (more known as Susan Fox or Susan Lyons ). 

I will be honest. I have never heard of the author, neither of the book. I only picked it up as a part of the 3 for £10 offer in Asda. The description on the back caught enough interest in me to buy this novel. Shelved for couple months, while I was indulging in different stories, I have finally picked it up as a part of the romantic / melancholic reading for the month of September. 

And within 2 days I completely finished it. The story was different than I expected. I would never in my mind thought this book to be a little bit of erotic novel. I should have. As my friends pointed out to me - it is written in the title of the book. The DIRTY GIRLS book club. ( a bulb just switched on above my head ). 

But I must say that this was the first erotic novel, I have truly enjoyed. (And I read a lot of them: Fifty Shades, Bared to you, couple of Harlequins.) It wasn't all SEX, SEX, SEX.. no emotions, no dirty laundry in the basket. It was actually very tasteful and romantic. 

The Dirty Girls Book Club is a story about finding a courage to explore your sexual and emotional intelligence. It's a story which takes you on a journey to become more confident woman who deserves it all. True love. Great lover. Soul mate. Everything. NOTHING LESS. 

I really appreciated that it wasn't packed with sex scenes like most of the books on the market. We actually get to know the characters, their state of minds, their emotions. This book is down-to-earth story of Georgia and Woody, who without wanting to, fell in love at the end. 

Ms Fox written the book from Georgia's and Woody's point of view, which is a style of writing I really enjoy as it keeps the book more interesting. You get to know the protagonists more. You find out their thinking process. And this time the author added a little bit extra. She added extracts (snippets) of the book Georgia was reading as her assignment for book club. This made it even more interesting. It helped you to find your bits and pieces in the story. Wonderful. 

Of course, there were some cheesy moments. Some of them made me cringe, but even then I have truly enjoy the book. We all need a little bit of cheese in our lives. 

As I have said at the beginning. This is one of the erotic novels, which is tastefully written. It keeps you interested in the story and it helps you to find bits of yourself you weren't aware of. I will definitely read this book again. 

WELL DONE SAVANNA FOX. You wrote an entertaining erotic love story. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

New Releases & #2BAD2BEARABLE

Aloha to all

Unless my numerous sources are incorrect then there's only seven new releases this week! So to celebrate my low work load I'm going to treat you all with videos for every song I post about, rather than just the ones I choose as 2BAD & 2BEARABLE

And because I'm such a fleasant pellow, I'm going to keep doing this from now on with every weekly review I manage to squeeze out. Now now, there's no need for applause, it's just the kind of person I am. It's in my nature to be that nice.

Now that BS is out of the way and the zuzminastrator has decreed it just that I post videos for every song from now on, let's get on with the show!

Katie Melua - I Will Be There

Out of all the songs that Katie Melua has sung I find Closest Thing To Crazy still the best of a bland but pretty bunch, something that personifies Melua perfectly. Very pretty but bland.

I don't find this a pretty song though. Instead of a seeing someone from afar and thinking they're pretty, this song is more seeing people on a red carpet event on TV. It's more glamorous than pretty and as such I feel distant from it. This song was written to be a speciality performance to appease the Royal Family at one of their boring garden parties, and it shows.

I believed every word of Melua sings in Closest Thing To Crazy, it's such a relatable song for anyone of any gender. This is a song that was composed for polite applause at the end and nothing else.

Passenger - Holes

I get irritated by Kate Nash's voice. I can understand how people can think how deep her songs can be and how relatable and quirky her lyrics are but I'm sorry; I just don't like her style of singing because it sounds so fake. It sounds so put on and over the top to the point of parody, and it's not funny enough to be that.

The reason for this little introductory rant is the individual known as Passenger, especially with this song, reminds of a male Kate Nash. The vocals are so thickly accented that it gets quite distracting. The message of the song is nice but I can't help but find it lacking in sincerity, mainly because if you're putting on a silly voice to try and be more down to earth and relatable in the cheapest possible way then why should I believe anything you have to say? I've listened to interviews, you don't talk like that, neither do you Miss Nash. You are trying to be something your not to be more popular to disguise what you really are; a couple of rich kids who are playing poor in a sad attempt to make themselves more likable to the masses. I like to think if the music is good, rich or poor, people will buy it. If the music is bad, they won't and people like me will happily rant about it. Stop trying to cheat the more gullible people out there, it's 'bang out of order'

Which is probably going to be a title of your next song, seeing as you're down with our lingo ol' chap

Avicii - You Make Me

The last Avicii song I reviewed I almost looked favourably upon, but the inkling I had was that Wake Me Up should have been a whole different song and got released without a dance track tied to it in about as effective a way as tying 2 people together to run the 100 meters. Yes they have the same goal, but if one is just slightly better proportioned it's all going to end a pile of limbs going nowhere fast.

I really like the intro and there's nice beat going on here, at times has an almost industrial sound but after the first chorus kicks in the interesting sound it had quickly fades into a nail on chalk board dance riff with a repetitively crap contralto vocal to match. A real shame, it was sounding so promising

So which festering sounds have I in my most opinionated and biased way decided to name as 2 WORST OF THE WEEK?

Seek and ye shall find... just under this line.

Not far really

Jessie J - It's My Party


Oh Jessie... I could say I want to like you but that would be lying. I could say I respect you but that would also be lying. I can't even say that at least you've got a good voice because that too would also be lying in my honest opinion. Lets just go with I think you could be all these things if you just calmed down slightly and not be so annoying. You have a voice and can hold a tune but it's nowhere near as good as you think it is. Humility goes a long way

What about the song though? I think Jessie J's been listening to a lot of Pink, specifically one song and I'm pretty sure that other people will be able to hear it and not just me. Actually if Pink re-recorded this one song, after being strapped to an aqualung of helium, it would sound pretty damn close (I sense a mash-up coming)

I can't warm to it; the music is brash and unoriginal, the lyrics are boring and unimaginative and I find the vocals as pleasing to the ear as the feeling of 2 frozen cauliflowers cymbaling my head together. But you know something, people will like it. I don't know why but they will. I predict it will reach number 1 and I predict I may decide to start my radio hibernation early if it does.


Jason Derulo ft 2 Chainz - Talk Dirty


With a singing voice that sounds like a underpaid Shaggy impersonator with a vice clamped on his testes, a rapper whose verse is done with no real dynamism, urgency or even effort and a strident trumpet solo at the end of each chorus so strident that makes my hair stand on end like a shell-shocked meercat; I am clearly very much in awe of this song.

In awe that the thing was given the green light rather than had it's blue touch paper lit for it to combust into the lost realm of stupid concepts.

Jason Derulo may the be the most absent minded so-called music celebrity that's ever lived; not only for the dull and uninspired dross he rolls out with any anyone he suckers into making a record with but also that he can't seem to go 1 minute without his own song reminded him what his name is. I however I'm quite familiar with your name Jason and are not required to hear it anymore than I have to.

You also seem to be under the impression that your name is cool but personally I think it sounds like the name of a bedding textiles company. Dream on Derulo could be it's slogan.

While I'm at it, 2 Chainz is more Missin Link.

Oh yeah, listen to Sean Paul's Get Busy and see if you notice something familiar

The idea of anyone taking inspiration from Sean Paul is as absurd as Steven Fry taking inspiration from Katie Price. You do yourself no favours with this logic Jason.

Dream on Derulo indeed

And now on to the 2 MOST BEARABLE SONGS OF THE WEEK (according to me)


Elton John - Home Again


Last I heard from Elton John he'd been reverse aged by 2 willowy dance orientated Australians and they were using his youthful pipes to make one of biggest selling albums of last year (Elton John vs Pnau 'Good Morning To The Night) Good album too, really opened up a lot people to Elton's more obscure back catalogue of great songs (personally from there I recommend Philidelphia Freedom and My High Flying Bird, both are well worth a listen if you haven't heard them already)

Now the old Elton has re-reversed the aging process and is back again as a swinging 66 year old with a brand new album, to show us he can still Crocodile Rock with the best of them and still have enough faculties to remember why they did indeed call it the blues. Even if it is just a guess.

First single on this album is Home Again which I'll admit is fairly good but there's a lack of character to the song. I find it nice to listen to but it doesn't hit me in an emotional way, and this is exactly what this song is meant to do. I still remember the first time I heard I Want Love on the radio, one listen was all it took and that pleading melody has stuck in my mind ever since. This song pales in comparison and seems pretty paint by numbers.

You may also notice it sounds a little familiar somehow, do not worry, you are not the first to noticed (see. I Can't Make You Love Me) Personally, although similar, I don't think it's enough to spoil what is in essence a nice song but lacks a way of defining itself in a sea of great hits from the same artist.



Nine Inch Nails - A Copy Of A


I can't believe I just typed that. Nine Inch Nails?! What forgotten 90's alt metal group will be next week? Tool? System of A Down? Extreme?!!

Actually this isn't that much of a shock because NIN have been churning out some fairly pop tracks over the last 10 years, especially with the album With Teeth, where both single releases got into the top 20 and one of them as far as number 7. Yeah, number 7. That is frankly astonishing but the track The Hand That Feeds itself is very pop as far NIN can get, personally I preferred the other single Only. It felt a more Trent Renzorish in tone and bitterness. 

What do I think of the new song? Well, it's ok but I can't see it breaking the top 40. I keep thinking the backing music is going to break into the Equaliser theme which would be all kinds of awesome but saying that when the music changes around 1:25 mark it does come into it's own and the lyrics are eerily poignant. Enough to make one of my 2BEARABLE, which means that it languish somewhere between complete chart obscurity and the next Chico release