Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Dave's Best and Worst for 2013

Hello everybody. Today I'm doing my best and worst for 2013. Now 2013 has been a good year for me. I started a new job, moved to an awesome new city and have bade some amazing new friends. So my life is going well and time to go with my list.

Best Movie
So I'm going to start with movies. There have been a lot of good movies this year and I've spent a lot
of time working on this. I was playing with the idea of going with Pacific Rim as it was expertly put together with exceptional direction or Man of Steel because I'm a massive Superman fan and Henry Cavil was a very good Superman. But I chose Filth. Filth was brilliant an amazing adaptation of an Iving Walsh novel that was perhaps one of James MacAvoy's best performance with some incredibly funny moments I genuinely laughed so hard at moments. It was truly a fantastic film and if you haven't seen it yet you should definitely check it out.

Worst Movie
This wasn't even a debate in my mind the worst movie of the year was After Earth. This peace of trash was at it's best comically written and acted. Will Smith can act and has made some good movies in his time but this really wasn't his movie. It was obviously just some stupid attempt by the Smith family to use this film as some launching platform from which to launch Jaden Smith's career which in my opinion fell flat on it's $130,000,000 face. That's right people that film cost $130,000,000. 

Best Song
Oat's the Water by Ben Howard. If you were listening to my song of the day section next week I put this song up during the week. I love this song and it is definitely the best song I heard this year. If you want to hear it have a look for my song of the day post for the 22nd of January it's a really good song and Ben Howard has a very rich voice. Worth a listen.

Worst Song
For this I chose Somewhere Only We Know by Lily Allen. I've never been a Lily Allen fan and when I thought she had retired she comes back and releases a cover of a song I really like in a really saccharine way that was just terrible. 

Best Album
M83's Hurry Up, We're Dreaming. Not sure it this album was actually released this year but I only
discovered it this year and fell in love with there music. All the songs on the album work so well together and flow into one another flawlessly and the music is expertly put together. One of there songs Midnight City was put up by me as January 23rd's Song of the Day.

Worst Album
Black Sabbaths 13. Now I'm a big fan of Black Sabbath. But it would appear I'm more a fan of their early work. 13 was a disappointment and there is nothing worse that witnessing the fall of ones heroes. So unfortunately I think it is time that these aging rockers hung up their instruments and settle down and enjoy their retirement.

Best TV Show
Breaking Bad was easily the best series I watched in 2013. Vince Gilligan's tale of the rise of one
honest man to the heights of becoming the head of a drug cartel was both brilliant and inspired with absolutely amazing performances by Brian Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn and Dean Norris. Which until 2013 I hadn't actually seen a single episode of but from start to finish watched almost addictively from the first episode right up to it's gripping conclusion.

Worst TV Show
Dexter this to me was a surprise as I have been a big fan of the Dexter TV series right from it's start and up until the last series I was a huge fan. But the final series was poorly written with a terribly disappointing conclusion to one of my favorite shows and characters that TV has ever provided me managing to be both poorly thought out and lack luster.

Best Book
The Killing Floor was the best book I read in 2013. It is the first book in Lee Child's Jack Reacher series and I read it as a recommendation of a friend and immediately became hooked to the entire series. The story is compelling and stars an interesting character who it is easy to see why Child has written 18 novels and 6 short stories about him with a 19th novel due for release this year which I will no doubt buy. These books are a collection of action/thrillers with the first installment being one of the best murder mysteries I have read.

Worst Book
Inferno by Dan Brown. Now I'm a Dan Brown fan I love the Da'Vinci Code and Angels and Demons makes it on to my list of favorite books of all time. But this installment of the Robert Langdon series I was not only disappointed with but also a little angry at. Now I've always thought Dan Brown as thorough in his investigation and research into facts for his books but in Inferno he was incredibly sloppy quoting incredibly outdated facts and figures which by modern standards are wildly inaccurate and in parts of his book may have surmounted to irresponsible scare mongering if taken seriously by his readers.

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