Monday, 27 January 2014


Firstly before we go any further, let me apologise. I know that it's been a fair while since I last time updated you on changes happening within Secret Reading Garden. And I am sorry for that. But we had some time issues to schedule a proper blog meeting and therefore couldn't vote for the changes together (although I hold the major vote anyway :)). 

But I am fully back now (even when I am currently suffering from a flu which decided to attack my vocal cords and I am not able to talk much - but hey at least I can type and that's important!). 

Firstly of all I want to thank you for your continuous support of our blog. Without you our lovely readers we wouldn't be where we are now. I am so humbled by all the attention we are getting from you and so happy that you are sticking with us :) Thank you !!

As you could read all last week, Dave has finally found his writing voice and shared with you his first posts. Yes, he started with simple posts of #SongOfTheDay but slowly he is getting more confidence, so you can see more posts from him. Actually in next couple of weeks, you can look forward to his Best & Worst of 2013. He is also travelling to Iceland to see the Northern Lights and I am sure he will share with you his thoughts about this wonder of the world. Dave has also become our games reviewer. If you love any kind of game - computer, board game or playstation or any other consul game - you should keep an eye on his posts. 

Claire is the lady who will be sharing with you her #SongOfTheDay this week! She is a little bit busy as she is currently doing nights while being struck down with the same flu as me, also her social calendar and working on her career is taking a main stage at the moment. Never the less, when she is back, she will be back with a boom!! She is currently reading BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS which I got her for Christmas, so I am sure that we can look forward to a book review from her at least. 

Andy and his take on Fifty Shades of Grey is back and he promised me that this time it will be a regular weekly post - otherwise he will be send to red room of pain and get whipped by Christian Grey himself.  Also Andy has finally found his lost inspiration to write his film reviews ( one of the reasons i offered him place on our blog in the first place) and will be sharing with you his thoughts about every film he sees. Trust me, we do go to the cinema a lot. I let you on a secret, we have seen THE WOLF OF THE WALL STREET on friday so I am sure that this review will make an appearance shortly ! We have also challenged him to see the worst films we thought we have ever seen, so he will be watching them too. He is currently working on his 2Bad2Bearable, but there is a slight change. Instead of posting this post weekly, it will become a monthly post. Sorry guys, but we are trying to make some changes and accommodate all the talents of all our authors. 

And that brings me to me and my plans for the post for you. You can count on me being the book reviewer for this blog. I have been a busy girl and read quite a bit of literature recently. So make sure to keep an eye on my reviews coming up in next couple of weeks. I have also decided to share with you my views on film adaptations of books and comparing them to their inspiration and the first order of business is THE BOOK THIEF. Of course, my shopping addiction at waterstones didn't fade away. I have a February book bonanza for you which is themed to the celebration of love (even thought I am single and still waiting for one of my fictional character to find me hehe). I also participated in #30daysbookchallenge on Instagram throughout January so I can smell a post coming too. Also, alongside Dave and Andy, I will be posting my Best & Worst of 2013 :) It took us a while but we got there at the end! 

There is another change with #MondayNews post. I have decided to write this post once a month instead of once a week so I can make sure that I know exactly what we all are doing and we can use the extra space for posts. 

Now, there is some exciting posts coming too. We have decided to challenge ourselves to do something, which we hate and wouldn't dream of doing. For me - it's computer games. So I have been challenge to play an hour of LITTLE BIG PLANET on Dave's playstation. Dave is watching SPICE GIRLS  - THE MOVIE and Claire is listening to KANYE WEST's album JESUS. Andy is watching awful movies which we know he will hate. And we all will be writing about our experience. Watch out for those posts!!

But we have also decided to reward our lovely readers so this month we are introducing our first competition for actual prizes !! I know! Marvellous!! The competitions will be announce shortly on the 1st of February.  So make sure to check our blog regularly to see what we have in store for you. 

I think that is all I wanted to share with you for this month's #MondayNews post. The next one is due in 4 weeks and I will make sure to bring some more exciting news for you!! 

Have a great month! Good luck in our first competition ! 

Thank you for all. 

Zuz xXx

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