Monday, 13 January 2014

#SongOfTheDay: 13th of January 2014

Happy Monday everyone!!

Oh cheer up, it's not that bad. Yes; you wish you didn't have to go back to the tedious life of the throng that is your commute to work that leads to your less than ideal day job, you wish the weekend didn't seem to end as abruptly as a short walk off a non existent pier and that the guy/girl may have randomly met during a drunken night on the tiles, exchanged conversation with and possibly various bodily fluids, would do the decent thing and just reply to your damn texts!

We've all been there; we all feel your pain, we all hate Mondays. We are a nation Garfields singing The Boomtown Rats.

So here's my contribution to try and bring a sliver of lining to your ominously grey cloud. Today is the first day of a full Dandy week of music. Yes! I have control of Songs Of The Day.
You lucky lucky people!

This week will mix a generous helping of ponderous chin scratching mixed with some mild amusement, a dash of perplexity and a fine dusting of 'What The Actual Fudge am I listening to?!'
I do so hope you enjoy it. It's for your own good, you know.

Now I already picked my first choice quite a while back but something came to my attention that lured me into it's general vicinity and proceed to knock the seven bells of crap out of my very much absent mind. That's the emotional battering you give yourself when you realise that you have just forgotten one of your best friend's birthdays (in my defence and just for the record; I am a pretty rubbish friend)

So in honour of that most horrendous of oversights, I've made an slight 'alteration' to my first choice and bring you instead the catchiest Birthday jingle ever written. They should seriously start using this more often to celebrate the occasion for everyone. The person holding the cake brings it in starting off singing 'Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday' while the rest of group begins the breezy 'do wop' sounds all the way until the cake is set to rest to the accompaniment of someone trying to do the opening drum trill on the table in the belief he's Keith Moon (there's always one who does it and it's always a he)

It could catch on, but there's probably much more chance of Pogs making a comeback.

This one goes out to try and lighten whatever kind of day you've had and to all those who are fortunate enough to share a birthday with the best, now recently ex friend I ever had.


'If they were me and I was you' gets really confusing when you think about it too much. Don't I agree?  
I'm pretty sure this one of the only purely Birthday themed pop songs ever made
Actually this song is quite depressing in retrospect... still, gotta love that beat 

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