Tuesday, 14 January 2014

#SongOfTheDay: 14th January 2014

Join me on a brief trip down memory lane as what I bring you now is my first ever vinyl record. When I say mine I mean it was a record that was bought specifically for me because I asked for it. Or because I wouldn't shut up about it. Or it misinterpreted and I was pointing at a big bag of cola bottles near the Morrisons counter. I was three at the time so exact translation maybe have been on the tricky side. Either way, it was bought for me, we left the store and I never did get my cola bottles.

What I did get though, was this... 

Yep, this is the actual vinyl single cover

The song was 'Yeh Yeh' by Jazz sophisto-pop legend Matt Bianco (What do you mean you've never heard of him) The reason for that is like Biffy Clyro, Matt Bianco is not a real person, rather he is the name of a band. But unlike Biffy Clyro; Matt Bianco weren't very good and had the chart staying power as aggressive as Mike Flower's Pop. Anyone born after 1990 will have never heard of them and a lot of people born before that date either don't remember them or have denied their very existence. They did bring us a cover of this song though and what they did which I will always be grateful for, is introduced me to Georgie Fame and his Blue Flames.

Nothing can top Georgie's wonderful version. From the jaunty beat, the crisp rapid fire vocals and the classic intro that sounds straight out of 'The Organist Entertains'

There is a reason why this song knocked The Beatles off the top spot in back 1965, to be succeeded after 2 weeks by The Moody Blues 'Go Now' This was truly an awesome year for music.

One of the best things I discovered is that Mr Georgie Fame (an actual person) is still performing today at 70 years young.

If I were wearing a hat, consider it well and truly tipped in his direction

I hope you enjoy one of my favourite songs of all time

What we garner from this is two fold:

One; it seem to be running theme in my life to hear what I think is an original song, only to discover it's music was used in a less remembered classic from a earlier decade.

Two; It would seem I still have the same taste in music now that I did when I was three

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