Tuesday, 28 January 2014

#SongOfTheDay - 28th Jan 2014

Jake Bugg
Two Fingers

Heres a track thar brightens up my atuesdays. The slog day. The gossip has been spilled and the work-load is building in front of you. Its a long way till Friday again. Two Fingersmakes mereminisce of the latest antics and endeavours. The last trip away, my friends and fun times. Its a song that says 'dont worry' take it all as it comes and "so i hold two fingers up to yesterday!" Because at thr end of the day, "Hey, its fine, i left it all behind." If you can put this on on a morning and have a boogie to it around your house, or on the bus, or in the car, then your already one step ahead of all those miserable moaning Myrtles! Enjoy! 

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