Friday, 3 January 2014

#SongOfTheDay : 3rd January 2013

Happy Friday EveryOne!!

See, I told you, it will be ok this week. We are already through half of the friday. That means weekend is here !! What are you plans? Are you going to lay low after big New Year's Eve celebrations ? Or are you going to do it all over again?

Regardless, what you are up to, let me share with you, the song stuck in all our heads at the moment. I must have heard it thousands of times by now, but I still think it's pretty damn good!! 

An American electric rock band from the city of angels - Los Angeles. They are making it big in UK charts with this single. Their debut album 'Megalithic Symphony' is fantastic. But the one single which truly stands out is our #SongOfTheDay!! 

"SAIL" by Awolnation 

Awesome! Isn't it??

"This is how I show my love.."

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