Tuesday, 7 January 2014

#SongOfTheDay: 7th January 2014

Late, but not forgotten. I have been a busy bee today - finishing the Fallen Series and writing a review, but I did forget about my promise to you to share with you a song a day. So here is what you have been waiting for. 

I must thank to Andy for introducing me to this band. Thanks to him and his 2Bad2Bearable post I have discovered the wonderful edgy and very current music produced by these three gals. HAIM. One of the best girl bands at the moment. Their debut is just a pure genius. Every song and every note is perfect. I love it. I adore their music so much that I have purchased tickets to see them live in Manchester this year in March. Jealous much??

So I will stop mumbling now, let the girls play for themselves. 

"WIRE" by Haim

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