Wednesday, 8 January 2014

#SongOfTheDay: 8th January 2014

Wednesday! We are halfway through the week!! Thank God!! It's the time for the #SongOfTheDay and today I have decided to be a little bit sentimental and share with you the main song from one of the best TV shows ever made. TRUE BLOOD

Now, True Blood is a TV show inspired by a long running book series Southern Vampire Mysteries written by Charlaine Harris. You all know how I feel about the books and especially about the ending from one of my posts last year. But never the less, the series has its own spin off and I love it. That might be due to wonderful Alexander Skarsgard, who plays Eric Northman or it might be because it's brutal, full of violence and sex and the vampire do not sparkle!! (yes, I have a major issue with sparkling vampires - it's a terrible idea! Keep it real!) But this show has millions and millions fans around the world so they must be doing something right!! This year, HBO announced that the 7th series is the last, so I will waiting for the massive conclusion !!!

But in the meantime let's remind ourselves the great tune which is now everywhere associated with True Blood. It's dark. It reminds you of your secret and deepest desires and it's pretty chatty!!

"BAD THINGS" by Jace Everett

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