Saturday, 1 February 2014

COMPETITION TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what our lovely readers?!? The time has come for us to treat you some freebies. Yes, as written on our New Year's resolution list, we are finally launching a monthly competitions where you can win some goodies for yourself :)

The rules are fairly easy. 

Don't worry you are not getting my copy, you're getting a branch new one :) 
1) Become our follower on this blog so we can see you as a member ( we will be checking so don't try to get away with - I am subscribed to the mailing list - YOU NEED TO BE A FOLLOWER with your mini picture showing on the list)

2) Leave a comment on this post answering our question. Don't worry there are no-brainers. We aren't cruel. 

And in the middle of the month, we writers, get together at some nice restaurant with delicious food and some fancy cocktails and pick one of you lucky readers as our winner and you scored yourself a prize :) 

Easy enough, don't you think?

This months is the month of love. February and it's very over-advertised Valentine's Day. So we decided to to treat to three things we love at the moment (yes, we are all single so there is no candle light dinner and smooth jazz music in our houses - SAD I know!!).

What can you win, you might ask!! 


DVD : About Time 

BOOK: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

CD: Lorde - Pure Heroine

The question is easy: Just leave in the comment below your names of your film, book and album you love this month. 

We are looking forward to your answers !

Good luck everyone! 


  1. This month I'm loving...
    Film - Pretty in Pink
    Book - Shroud for the Archbishop by Peter Tremayne
    Album - Billy Joel's greatest hits

  2. Well hello there!! Fave film of the momento is definitely The Wolf of Wall street & i very much enjoyed reading Andys review on the film (even though our views on my husband, Mr. Di'caprio somewhat differ) - fave album for me is an oldie by The Verve ( A Northern Soul) it is helping me to survive even the most coldest and wettest of the grim dark mornings & as for my most favoured reading material aside from the daily mail (which i just tend to blankly stare at in the mornings whilst eating stodgy porridge) i have just started reading the silver linings playbook. By recommendation of course by my friend Zuzana!! I am an admittedly lazy reader and should do better but im getting there!! - that is all for now :) Kay x

  3. This month I.m loving...
    Film: Sixteen Candles
    Book: The Stand by Stephen King
    Album: Elvis Presley's greatest hits

  4. This Month I am loving
    Book: Storm of Swords part 2 by george r.r martin
    Film : Stardust
    Album : Red by Taylor Swift

  5. This month I'm loving
    Film - The Family
    Book - Appointment with death by Agatha Christie
    Album - Nine soundtrack

  6. This month I'm loving:
    Film - The Master
    Book - The Kite Runner
    Album - Sherlock Series 3 Soundtrack