Tuesday, 18 February 2014



We all remember the amazing melodically voice of MR JOHN NEWMAN from his worldwide hit collaboration with Rudimental. His voice is coming out of every speaker and radio. We all sing with him : " FEEL THE LOVE" and "NOT GIVING IN". This English guy has burst out onto the music scene with his soul/pop/breakbeat style of music and is slowly taking over the world. 

Last year he released his debut album TRIBUTE and singles like "Love Me Again" and "Cheating" took over the UK charts and radio stations. From everywhere you can hear his exquisite music. 

And as lie with any other artist, the release of an album is usually accompanied with a tour. And lucky me, I scored tickets to see him in O2 Academy in Leeds on the 4th February

It all started with two very well chosen supporting acts : the melancholic and folkloric JAMES BAY who bared his heart and soul to the audience and got himself couple more of new fans (me included). During the show I have tweeted him and he tweeted me back and even posted a picture I took on his Instagram page!! So James' voice and guitar, plus his kind heart, won me over. Not to mention that I got a free debut album called DEMOS. 

The second supporting act was LOLO. An american soul singer who treated the audience to very energetic performance with her band. She sung her heart out and hit notes which only Mariah Carey can. She even sung a cover of Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home". 

Mr Newman started his segment of the show with a massive curtain on which there was projected his face. And it moved!! And sung!! What a cool feature. His stage, musicians and back singers where all the picture of retro style which I truly adored. It looked very cool, chic and classy. John went through his whole album's set list with massive amount of energy. He sung, he danced and talked to the audience. Not even once I witnessed to lower down his performance. It was brilliant. Mesmerising. Mind-blowing. And very enjoyable. The whole audience and room was vibrating with energy he created. I couldn't be more happier with his performance. Of course, the best was his take on famous "Not Giving In" which had the whole audience on their feet singing out loud. It was fantastic. 

I have had a very enjoyable and brilliant experience of Newman's musical talent witnessed first hand and would recommend to anyone who gets the chance to see him live, to grab it with both hands and see him doing his magic. 

Well done MR JOHN NEWMAN, What a night!!

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