Tuesday, 11 February 2014

#SongOfTheDay 11th February 2014 (Valentine Week)

My next choice is probably the cutest lovesick, puppy dog, smitten kitten, matching mittens, pop tune I've ever heard. Most certainly the only one that I actually like and like I do. This song makes me happy and the band are favourites of mine too for many a year. Actually I've liked them much longer than I initially thought, as the release date for this song was nearly ten years ago. This song predates my nephew, who likes watching wrestling and playing QWOP with me, by 3 years. Feel old? I sure as heck do now.

Initially I didn't even like the song on first listen; I was still too enamoured by their mysterious, chilled out and thought provoking first single 'Sewn' (still a great track by the way) when this came along and the bouncy go-lucky, banging on the piano 'have a banana' style with singer Dan Gillespie Sells singing all too gleefully about going on a plane to Spain or somewhere seemed a bit too jarring a shift in tone for my liking. (kind of like if The Beatles' first ever song was 'Yesterday' and was then proceeded by 'Yellow Submarine')

My best friend loved the song however and she was certain that I would find the error of my ways. I thought this unlikely seeing as I'm as stubborn as my star sign brainwashes me into thinking I am but there was a chance that I may have been a bit grumpy on first listen to fully appreciate it (I can't remember for certain, I was too busy mining for diamonds and singing Hi-Ho at the time) When I caught it again though my mood was in a much brighter state and I inexplicably found my foot tapping to the beat, chuckling at the cute lyrics and before I knew it I was belting out the chorus with such vigour and joy I'm surprised I didn't cause a flashmob. Or flying tomatoes, whichever came first.

This is a great song about making the first step towards potentially changing a great friendship into something better. Shame The Feeling seem to have fallen recently in terms of quality music but even if that marks the beginning of the end, they have at least left a legacy they can be proud of.

So, show some love, don't act so tough and let them fill your little world right up.

Right up, in fact.

Apologies for the lack of music video. VEVO deemed it fit to cut the song off 30 secs before the ending. I'm not having that. If I'm putting the song I want the full thing so here is a nice lyric vid I found instead

The Feeling started out as a Supertramp cover band and this is a clear influence to a lot of their tracks

Last time I saw The Feeling live they did a cover of 'Video Killed The Radio Star', which was excellent. Unfortunately they didn't do their cover of Slayer's Raining Blood

No joke, they really have done that in the past 

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