Wednesday, 12 February 2014

#SongOfTheDay 12th February 2014 (Valentine Week)

It's Rock Wednesday, Dr Mosh is in the house and it's time for some serious headbanging!!

Oh wait, it's not because it's still Valentine's week and that still means I have to do the mushy mushy thing and choose more love songs I actually like.

Hold on a minute though...

Could it be possible we could do both?...

The straight jackets are an indication as to how crazy they went when they realised their question mark negligence

YES! Thank you Mr Van Halen!

Although this song isn't as moshy as one would like for a Wednesday it definitely has a very head bouncy feel to it. This was the first single released after the band split with former frontman Dave Lee Roth (Not to be confused with Dave Lee Travis) so the fantastically over the top vocals come from replacement singer and guitarist Sammy Hagar.

There aren't many rock/metal love songs out there that are this energetic, this much fun to listen to and have this much delightfully overblown 80's synth.

Yes, it's got what it takes alright

But only time will tell if it can stand the test of time

Rock on!

The guy on the keyboards is guitar supremo Eddie Van Halen who strangely, for a VH track, doesn't strum his guitar once. Even though he's wearing it. That must have taken some willpower
Compared to this song, you can hear more Eddie Van Halen on Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' (he created all the riffs and did the solo)
Van Halen falls into the same category as Jon Bon Jovi, where the guy with the coolest name becomes the name of the whole band. Unlike say 'Travis', who isn't even in the band they named from him. Poor Travis 

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