Thursday, 13 February 2014

#SongOfTheDay 13th February (Valentine Week)

Here's another one from the vaults of my deep, dark, pining past that first caught my attention in the early nineties whilst listening to Late Night Love on Pennine FM (now known as the Pulse) and feeling very sorry for my pre-teen, sufferer of unrequited fondness for the opposite sex, self.

This song piqued my interest by having such memorable vocals; full of longing, resolution and being able to sustain the ooo part of 'you' to such extent that it almost becomes subaudible. I loved how everything sounded so genuine and heartfelt; it's the conveys the kind of conversation I would love to have after heavens knows how many years of happy, ups and downs marriage (until the solicitor she's been banging behind my back hands me my marching papers). The lyrics are perfect and the two voices perform beautifully together.

The couple in question are Linda Rondstadt, a the voice of a backing singer that will be heard and a surname that never seems quite right when you say it out loud, and softly softly timbred, T-Hawk from Street Fighter look alike Arron Neville of the Neville Brothers; the not quite so famous Isley Brothers and chances are you probably haven't heard of them either (If you have, then consider the jasmine in mind well and truly blown)

This song has everything; fantastic piano intro and accompaniment throughout, two singers that blend compliment each other like smooth garlic mayo over spicy seasoned chips, touching and poignant lyrics about the love in the 'Autumn Years' and a freaking guitar solo to melt your face off when you least expect it.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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