Thursday, 20 February 2014

#SongOfTheDay 20th February

Hello people. Hope you're all enjoying your Thursday. Today's song of the day comes to you from John Murphy one of my favorite movie composers along with John Williams and Hans Zimmer who between them have written some of the greatest and most loved and recognized pieces of music in modern culture. This is one of his greatest pieces in my opinion Adagio in D Minor which was originally composed for and used in the Danny Boyle movie Sunshine but has been borrowed and used by many other films as it is a very emotionally evocative piece of work and that is why John Murphy is one of the true greats. He can write music that taps straight into you emotions and thus makes your whole experiences while watching a movie a lot more immersive and enjoyable for that I truly appreciate his work and would like to post one of his best here today.

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