Friday, 14 February 2014

#SongOfTheDay Valentine's Day 2014

Happy Valentine's day, people!

Here's to having a reasonably good day with your loved one and not get getting massacred, by your loved one.

If you have no one to share this with then just think of the amount of money you saved by not having to buy any reasonably expensive cards, presents, chocolates, three course meals the like; take that well earned dosh and treat yourself to something nice. Something that no other half would get you on this day because they would deem it more of a birthday present variety for not being romantic or soppy enough. So go on, it's the weekend tomorrow so a perfect time to get that brand new XBOX game, Rush DVD or those really comfy PJ's that will keep you warm through a raging blizzard but have the sex appeal of the Turin Shroud, even if Aphrodite herself was wearing them.

You're own love for yourself can lift you higher than you would think, what do ya say, Jackie boy?

God I love this song, whether you're in a relationship or not I can't think of a single reason why this wouldn't lift your spirits and plant a bit smile on your face. Jackie Wilson is 'the man; and this song is just one of many that prove his claim to that title. Just listen to that voice and the exquisite structure and execution of this brilliant song. I know it's not considered a classic love song as such but make no mistake; this song is ALL about love. It's about how love can bring the utmost joy and happiness and there are far too few songs that cover that side of the emotional spectrum.

It's just a great song by a great singer and with a great message that we need to remember more in our lives

God bless you Jackie! (and that's coming from an atheist :P)


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