Thursday, 6 March 2014

Book Review: Affinity Bridge

Affinity Bridge
By George Mann

The first thing that attracted me to this book was the excellent cover.
 Its bright, its bold and its beautiful

I was recommended this book by a work collegue and was dubious as to wether or not id like it. I havn't read any Steam-punk before and the thought of reading about zombies was not an enticing aspect. I must say however, i enjoyed Affinity Bridge!

It opened well, in a gruesome action scene that introduced us straight to the revenants. 

I have read alot of mixed reviews on this book ranging from being poorly written, plotted and edited to praises and enjoyment all round. I must say i enjoyed reading this book. The plot was simple, but not at all boring. It was action packed and Veronica is a character I admire. She's adventerous, charismatic and a real hands-on girl. She gets in there and doesnt let anything phase her. Newbury seems like a typical gent of his era. He's a bright, chivalrous, attractive gentleman. He also enjoys a dabble in illegal substances which seems to have helped solve some of his pervious cases. An interesting avenue to explore. 

The bad guys were a comical duo. Easily imagined and put into place. It would have been good if Chapmans death were included in the story for us to read. It seems Mann had used up his imagination by this point and decided not to bother letting us experience the closure of Chapmans part to the story. Maybe he escapes and makes a return in a later book? Who knows. 

I must say the revenant side of the story was introduced but not fully explained. We are left not knowing how it originated nor how it went on to develop in London, or elsewhere. This will probably be divulged in further books, but i was a little dosappointed that it remains so vague in Affinity Bridge when it was a fundemental part in the plot.  

The epilogue of this book is a real tease! It really got my mind going concerning Verocina "who is this woman?", because something has just happened which completly blew my thoughts of her out of the window. It deffinitely created an itch for me to grab the next book and find out. Despite my itching curiosity however, i wont be journeying down part two yet. There are just so many books i want to get my teeth into! 

I would recommend this book as an easy read. It wasnt hard to get into or follow. It offered good entertainment and a light initiation into the steam punk genre. 

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  1. You're right about the attractiveness of the book cover. As for the story, it does seem entertaining with a good plot. I like your review;