Friday, 23 May 2014


JUST A GIRL STANDING IN FRONT OF A BOY is a novel written by very british Lucy-Anne Holmes. This is my first meet with this author, but looking through some articles and book reviews, this is not her first novel. Ms Holmes has been already getting some pretty great reviews all around her previous works Unlike A Virgin, 59 Ways To Find A Lover and The (Im)Perfect Girlfriend. (All pretty great named books if you ask me - very original!).

"Hilarious and romantic with dashings of tear-inducing moments, this is a real gem." CLOSER

"Had me laughing out loud from the first page." LINDSEY KELK

"Wickedly witty with a warm heart." MIRANDA DICKINSON

"Holmes writes with wit and verve, and lends her fictional alter ego such charm, that the book contains frequent moments of laugh-out-out hilarity." GUARDIAN

I bought it myself as a part of my pick-me-up shopping spree at the local book store. This book called out to me with its colourful optimistic binding and a promise of romance and hilarity - my favourite combination. And because I have been feeling down lately and my love life sucks, I have decided to give it a go and see for myself if all the praise is based on true findings.

Immediately, I love the dedication!

"For all the amazing women I've met, and those I haven't, who battle with the dark days."

Beautiful. Thoughtful. Definitely one of the best dedications which caught my eyes in a while.

Let's meet Jenny Taylor who everyone calls Fanny. Why everyone calls her Fanny is actually quite hilarious and once you read it, you will start to laugh uncontrollably. Fanny struggles with the dark days like many of us, but thanks to her Manifesto written by her best friend Phillippa, the life is getting better. She has a stable boyfriend, a job she likes and her days are filled with people who loves her for her. But then everything starts to change. Her mum turns up on her door steps with mission to bond with her daughter. Her long-term boyfriend proposes.. And there is a new boy in town who has this unknown effect on her. 

This book got to me straight from the start. First sentence and I knew I am in for a hilarious ride. I was immediately hooked. Ms Holmes manage to put a smile on my face with every passing chapter. The incredible hilarious situations the main character was put through, had me in giggles all the way through.

FANNY was another very relatable character. Every girl I knew could find herself in her place, going through the same embarrassing situations, dealing with the same problems and motions. This girl and her manifesto became my inspiration. I think every girl or woman I know could find herself in Fanny's shoes one way or another and could make her example to follow. Phillippa is the best friend you can only dream of. Every girl deserves one.

The whole plot line seemed a bit cheesy at the start, but as I read on, I enjoyed it more and more.

One of my favourite parts in the book was Fanny's Smiling Manifesto. I know that there are a lot of people in the world who struggle and suffer from depression ... I, myself, have a hard time with the dark days sometimes. And this manifesto is a great idea. There are points in it which can be easily incorporated into your everyday life and make it special and more bearable (even enjoyable) for you. The Smiling Manifesto is the way forward! I am definitely making a copy for myself and putting it on my wall so I can look at it everyday and get some strength from it. I will make it all pretty and sparkly !

I laughed out loud. I cried crocodile tears. I giggled like a school girl. This story made me go through a whole circle of emotions. But I loved it! It was a real, down-to-earth story with real characters and (im)possible situations. Many times I imagined myself as the main character and the situations she finds herself in, all I could do is laugh hysterically. Hands down! This book is brilliant!!!

I actually don't have any bad points to pick up. The story was easy to follow and very entertaining. You just couldn't put the book down and you wanted to read on. The characters were real and you could find parts of yourself in every single one of them. The writing was hilarious, modern, smart and very very funny.

This is pick-me-up book which brought me back a will to read. I have been feeling down in recent week and this story managed to put a smile back on my face and bring back a motivation to read which I was lacking. So therefore I want to say a BIG FAT THANK YOU to Lucy-Anne Holmes for writing this inspiring story. I will definitely pick up more books by this author for the bad days which can come. And if they do, I will be ready to laugh them away...


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    1. Oh thank you very much for your kind wishes :)

  2. I really, really want to read this book. Hope I could get my hands on it soon.
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