Friday, 20 June 2014

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS : The Film Adaptation

Warning: Be ready with couple of boxes of tissues and uncontrollable crying... I wasn't .. And it got to me surprisingly deep...

I have just come home from the movies. Usually I don't write posts about the films I have seen. I am not a film critic, I always leave the job to Andy and also I just don't what to say about a movie apart from when it really leaves a mark on me. But today is different... Today there is a permanent mark left in my heart & soul after watching John Green's novel come alive on the big screen..

I went to watch THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. Now, I haven't read the book (not yet.. it's on my reading schedule - which I am well behind on..). I do not what the book is about (apart from the obvious CANCER thing). I stayed away from any spoilers as I try to save and savour it later. And trust me after seeing this film, I am looking forward to reading the book.

I won't bother with the plot. Why should I ruin such an wonderful, one-in-a-billion story for you?

I just want to say what I thought about the film itself and keep it short.

I have fallen in love. Nothing could ever prepare me for the astonishingly beautiful story I have just had the pleasure to watch on the big screen. I have seen some really good films in my life but this one is just IT!!! It was mesmerising. You couldn't stop watching it. I was glued to the screen and my emotions were on overdrive. Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort were fantastic. I believed in what they were creating with their chemistry and acting. The music in the film was just perfect.

EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT. The director and the cast executed a job very well done. I am sure that fans of the book couldn't be more pleased. 

The soundtrack to this film was flawless. Every song and scene were spot on. Truly, I haven't been impress with a film like #TFIOS in a long time.

Here is a little preview for you in the form of the trailer. It's worth watching.. I am definitely going again and this film will have a permanent place in my DVD collection once it comes out.

Saturday, 14 June 2014


Summer is here!!! Finally! 

Can you feel the sun on your skin yet? I certainly can and I am trying to get best out of it. Preparation includes:

  • Summer Clothes Shopping - my credit card is doing more exercise than me.
  • Toning up with - their workouts are quick and efficient, not to mention that their meal will make you all healthy with their delicious recipes.
  • Reading lots of books while buying even more.
  • Festival attending with my sister and dancing wild to the sweet sound of music.
  • Enjoying Bike Rides on my sparkling new Pendleton Ashwell Bike. Oh yes, I am going all vintage and active. 

There is my summer plan. What's yours? As you know, I am currently doing two Summer Reading Challenges which basically mean that I have three months to read twenty books, can I do it? I don't know, but I will certainly try.. fingers crossed you will have a lot of book reviews to read. 

But in the meantime, here is my regular post - Monthly Book Bonanza. Now, I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I am a shopaholic and undercover book addict, so I have actually two major problems. Combine them and you will end up with about six brand new books every month. My reading is growing each month. And there isn't enough hours in the day for me to read all of them... I wish there would be.. But sadly, there isn't so there for I am trying to read with lightening speed to make sure I can soak up as many wonderful story as possible.

Let's have a look what the month of June brought to my library.



My name is Judith McPherson. I am ten years old. On Monday a miracle happened. 

Judith doesn't have much. The house she shares with her devoutly religious father is full of dusty relics, reminders of the mother Judith never knew. Bullied at school, she finds comfort in creating a miniature world in her bedroom - a world of wonder she calls The Land of Decoration. Perhaps, she thinks, if she makes it snow in The Land of Decoration there will be  no school on Monday. 

Sure enough, when Judith opens her curtains the next day, the world beyond her window has turned white. And that's when her troubles begin. 


On the hottest day of the summer of 1935, thirteen-year-old Briony Tallis sees her sister Cecilia strip off her clothes and plunge into the fountain in the garden of her country house. Watching her is Robbie Turner, her childhood friend who, like Cecilia, has recently come down from Cambridge. 

By the end of that day the lives of all three will have been changed for ever. Robbie and Cecilia will have crossed a boundary they had not even imagined at its start, and will have become victims of the younger girl's imagination. Briony will have witnessed mysteries and committed a crime for which she will spend the rest of her life trying to atone. 

THE DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) by Kody Keplinger

Seventeen-year-old Bianca Piper knows she's not the hottest girl at school, but when school jock and resident moron Wesley casually refers to her as a Duff - Designated Ugly Fat Friend - the gloves are off!

If there's a thin line between love and hate then Bianca has crossed it. She just never thought she was capable of breaking anyone's heart...

CLOSE MY EYES by Sophie McKenzie

It's been eight years since Geniver Loxley lost her daughter, Beth. 

Since that day, Gen has been floundering. While her husband Art builds his business reputation and their fortune, she can't let go of Beth. 

And then one day, everything changes. A strange woman shows up on Gen's doorstep, saying the very thing she longs to hear: that Beth is alive. That she is out there somewhere, waiting for Gen to find her...

It's insane. Unthinkable. But why would someone make up such a story? Ignoring the warnings of her husband and friends, Gen begins to hope - hope that quickly turns into fear and paranoia. 

With questions swirling around her head, Gen is determined to uncover the truth. But who can she trust? Why is Art so reluctant to get involved? To save his wife from further hurt? Or something much more sinister? Is Beth even really out there? And, if so, who is responsible for taking her?

What is the truth about Beth Loxley?

WOOL by Hugh Howey

In a ruined and hostile landscape, in a future few have been unlucky enough to survive, a community exists in a giant underground silo. Inside, men and women live an enclosed life full of rules and regulations. But some people choose not to conform. These are the people who dare to hope and dream. These are the dangerous ones. Jules is one of these people. She may well be the last...

LITTLE WOMEN by Louisa May Scott

A personal treat to myself. This classic story is one of my favourites from the childhood. And Penguin Publishing house brought out one of the most beautiful edition of this book. Released by Penguin Threads, the cover of this book has been firstly hand stitched and then a copy has ben made and put on the cover of this exclusive edition. It's so beautiful and I am so happy about adding into my personal library. 

What beautiful stories have found a place in your library this month? Please share your finds with me in the comments below. I am always looking for new adventures :) 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Cassandra Clare: CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE (Book 6 of The Mortal Instruments Series)

Warning: There is an emotional roller coaster ahead of you!!

In 2007 Cassandra Clare released one of the most amazing books in YA genre, the novel THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS : CITY OF BONES. And this book took over the world and became an instant international best seller followed by future instalments : CITY OF ASHES, CITY OF GLASS, CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS and CITY OF LOST SOULS. Each book found it's place on New York Times bestselling list with major fandom growing by day. But the series wasn't finished yet... Clare had one last instalment to publish and we all have been counting down the days.

That it happened. May 27th 2014. CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE has been published and the story of MORTAL INSTRUMENTS finally came to the end. But what can we expect from the final book? Will it measure to the success of its previous brothers and sisters? Or will it be a major disappointment for the fans? Clare is one of my favourite authors and these books have become one of my favourites (although I do still prefer INFERNAL DEVICES.. but it's a secret), so I am expecting great things from this book. Will it satisfy my needs?

The answer is ... HELL YES!!! Wow, I thought that the final book of Infernal Devices: Clockwork Princess was a brilliant ending to the series, but CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE managed to top it off.

We are coming back to the familiar world of shadow hunters, vampires, werewolves, faeries, demons, warlocks.. it's welcoming us with an open arms and with a bang. Straight to the action. No messing about. Sebastian is on his path of revenge. Attacking institutes and turning shadow hunters to his will by making them drink from Infernal cup and forgetting all they were. Turning them to Endarken. Clave is worried. Nobody knows how to stop him. The only weapon - Heavenly Fire - is now running in Jace's veins and he doesn't know how to use it. All the citizens and protectors of Allicante are moving back to Allicante to protect each other. Clary and Jace know what Sebastian wants. Them - especially Clary - and to rule the world of darkness. And they have a time limit. He is slowly getting want he wants and the shadow hunters are at the end of ways how to stop him. So after disappearance of Magnus, Luke, Jocelyn and Raphael, our group of friends (Jace, Clary, Alec, Isabelle and Simon) decides to enter the demon dimension of Edom in order to rescue the ones they love and maybe figure out how to stop Sebastian from destroying the world. Will there be enough time to stop him or are they too late?

First of all I would love to thank Cassandra Clare for writing this amazing book series and bringing us the world of Shadow. I have truly enjoy being lost within the world of demons and shadow hunters and this series just made me confirm why I love reading so much. The amount of imagination and thoughts which had to go into creating this wonderful fantasy world is mind-blowing. So thank you again, Cassandra, for the beautiful experience.

Secondly I would like to thank the publisher for keeping the look of the books with the other. No hardback edition, just the good old paperback with beautiful illustration which matches its previous instalments. It's bigger though. A lot bigger. Which means we are in for a treat.

Clare managed to tie the ends of story in the right way. We have come to the end with explosive finale which left me breathless. The writing continue in the true fashion of Clare's. Easy to follow. Entertaining. Thrilling. Exciting. And full of oh-my-god-i-cannot-believe-that-this-has-just-happened moments. It's was like eating in a posh restaurant where every course is better and better and it all finishes off with mouthwatering chocolate dessert and tasteful cup of coffee. Everything was just perfect.

I have loved how Clare connected the story of Infernal Devices with the current happening in Mortal Instruments and slowly giving us a taste of The Dark Artifices. We had the opportunity to not only follow the story of Jace and Clary and her friends, but we also had the chance to meet Emma and Julian who will take the centre stage in the new book series. But my favourite part? Brother Zachariah becoming Jem again!! Wow. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Jem, my favourite shadow hunter and my favourite character from all Cassandra's books is back. I could not be happier when I read the chapter where we finally found out how he stop being being a Silent Brother. And Tessa is back as well. AMAZING.

I enjoyed the developments and twists which seemed to be on every page of this book. Every chapter something unexpected happened. Just when I thought I have it all figured out and there is nothing which can make it worse...BOOM, there is another new twist! I have laughed. I have cried. In the last 3 chapter I was sobbing like a child. This is the right way to end one fantastic book series.

But the second great surprise for me was that this time, I wasn't routing for Clary & Jace. Not even Magnus & Alec. The true couple and the ones who became the true heroes of this book for me are SIMON & IZZY! These two just stole the show for me. I have loved their will they - won't they relationship from the start, but this book just took it to an extra level with Simon eventually making the biggest sacrifice and the most mind-blowing thing in the book. B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T.

There are so many things I want to mention but that would be me spoiling this wonderful experience for you. So I am going to stop now. All in all, there is nothing which was wrong with it. Nothing at all. Not one bit.

THIS IS HOW A BOOK SERIES SHOULD END. A lot of book series authors should be inspired by Clare's writing. She knows how to write an explosive finale. I have loved every page of it. And cannot wait to read it again.

Not only she managed to surprise me with fantastic ending, but she added an extra extract from her upcoming series from the Shadow World - THE DARK ARTIFICES. She certainly know how to treat her fans. Plus not to mention the comic strip in the UK version which makes you to become a comic book fan. Well done Cassandra Clare. You have done it again!

And thank you for acknowledging the love for fans! In her Acknowledgment for the book she wrote (in true Cassandra Clare's fashion) :

"Them that I love, know that I love them. This time I want to thank my readers, who have stuck with me through this whole epic roller coaster of a saga, through cliff-hangers and angst and feels. I wouldn't trade you for all the glitter in Magnus's loft."

This is why I love her, her writing and her stories. She is one of us!! People who dream and when her dreams came true, she didn't forget about her readers. She thanked us for all the continuous support. And that is a sign of a good person and wonderful writer.

See you soon Ms Clare. Counting down the months till we can start a new adventure together. Autumn 2015, THE DARK ARTIFICES: LADY MIDNIGHT should graze us with its presents on our book shelves and in local book stores. Can't wait!!

Extracts AKA quotes I loved: 

“Okayyyyy,” Isabelle said in a low voice, “When did Brother Zachariah get hot?”

“Did Brother Zachariah just steal our cat?”

“Oh, God, the lovebirds,” Magnus said, pulling the pillow off his face. “I hate happy couples.”

“Alec pulled his knees up to his chest and looked thoughtfully at Jace. “I know,” he said. “I’m not jealous. I always knew, from the first, that everyone thought you were better than me. My dad thought it. The Clave thought it. Izzy and Max looked up to you as the great warrior they wanted to be like. But the day you asked me to be your parabatai, I knew you meant that you trusted me enough to ask me to help you. You were telling me that you weren’t this lone and self-sufficient warrior able to do everything alone. You needed me. So I realized that there was one person who didn’t assume you were better than me. You.” 

“Jem: Come in.
Jace: Where's Brother Zachariah?
Jem: I'm right here. Jace Herondale. And once more a Herondale is the object of my deliverance. I should have anticipated.”

“A parabatai. Like he was. And Jace knew, too, what that faded rune meant: a parabatai whose other half was dead. He felt his sympathy leap toward Brother Zachariah, as he imagined himself without Alec, with only that faded rune to remind him where once he had been bonded to someone who knew all the best and worst parts of his soul.” 

“I did not make a pie,” Alec repeated, gesturing expressively with one hand, “for three reasons. One, because I do not have any pie ingredients. Two, because I don’t actually
know how to make a pie.”
He paused, clearly waiting.
Removing his sword and leaning it against the cave wall, Jace said warily, “And three?”
“Because I am not your bitch,” Alec said, clearly pleased with himself.” 

“I think they’ll probably put that on my gravestone. ‘He Was Heterosexual and Had Low Expectations.” 

“Temper us in fire, and we grow stronger. When we suffer, we survive.”

“Heroes aren't always the ones who win," she said. "They're the ones who lose, sometimes. But they keep fighting, they keep coming back. They don't give up. That's what makes them heroes.” 

“We are all the pieces of what we remember. We hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who love us. As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss.” 

“Brother Zachariah,” Isabelle said. “Months January through December of the Hot Silent Brothers Calendar. What’s he doing here?”
“There’s a Hot Silent Brothers Calendar?” said Alec. “Do they sell it?”

“Because the world isn't divided into the special and the ordinary. Everyone has the potential to be extra ordinary.” 

“When our hearts break, they break into shards that cannot be easily fit back together.”

“There are a hundred trillion cells in the human body, and every single one of the cells of my body loves you. We shed cells, and grow new ones, and my new cells love you more than the old ones, which is why I love you more every day than I did the day before. It’s science. And when I die and they burn my body and I become ashes that mix with the air, and part of the ground and the trees and the stars, everyone who breathes that air or sees the flowers that grow out of the ground or looks up at the stars will remember you and love you, because I love you that much.” 

“I think sometimes we are reckless with our hearts the way we are with our lives. When we give them away, we give every piece. And if we do not get what we so desperately need, how do we live?”

“If you never tell anyone the truth about yourself, eventually you start to forget. The love, the heartbreak, the joy, the despair, the things I did that were good, the things I did that were shameful--if I kept them all inside, my memories of them would start to disappear. And then I would disappear.” 

“Sharp are the arrows of a broken heart.”

“Herondales." Zachariah's voice was a breath, half laughter, half pain. "I had almost forgotten. No other family does so much for love, or feels so much guilt for it. Don't carry the weight of the world on you, Jace. It's too heavy for even a Herondale to bear.”

“There are things our souls want, and mine wants you.”

“What happens in the demon realms stays in the demon realms,” said Jace.” 

“Value your parabatai," he said. "For it is a precious bond. All love is precious. It is why we do what we do. Why do we fight demons? Why are they not fit custodians of this world? What makes us better? It is because they do not build, but destroy. They do not love, but hate only. We are human and fallible, we Shadowhunters. But if we did not have the capability to love, we could not guard humans; we must love to guard them. My parabatai, he loved like few ever could love, with all and everything. I see you are like that too; it burns more brightly in you than the fire of Heaven” 

“Family isn't blood. It's the people who love you. The people who have your back.” 

Friday, 6 June 2014

Reading Challenge : Richard & Judy's Book Club - Summer 2014

I have joined a book club.. my first EVER. I have been a member of Goodreads for quite some time, I've been sharing my reviews and book news with you guys even longer. But I have never joined a book club... well until now.

I have been eyeing Richard & Judy's Book Club by WH Smith for quite some time. They seem to always introduce us to some great stories which usually end up on the best-seller's lists or leave an everlasting impression on their readers. THE NIGHT CIRCUS is a prime example. I have been pondering with the idea of purchasing the books each season but somehow, something always managed to ruin my tries. Either it was non-functioning website, low bank account balance or just simply the ability to be lost without my diary to remind to purchase the books. But this time, I have finally managed to purchase the bundle... which brings me here.. To my 2nd reading challenge for the summer.

8 books. 8 different authors. 8 unique stories. 8 book reviews to come.

I will try to read it at the same time as my 12 Summer Reads book which takes me up to 20 books and their reviews this summer. It seems that the Summer 2014 is all about being lost in the wonderful world of literature. And I am not complaining !!

Let's have a closer look at the list! And don't forget, it all starts 1st June 2014! Be there!!!

EENY MEENY  by M. J. Arlidge

One lives and one dies. No choice. 

The girl emerged from the woods, barely alive. Her story was beyond belief. But it was true. Every dreadful word of it. 

Days later, another desperate escapee is found - and a pattern is emerging. Pairs of victims are being abducted, imprisoned then faced with a terrible choice : kill or be killed.
Would you rather lose your life or lose your mind ?
Detective Inspector Helen Grace has faced down her own demons on her rise to the top. As she leads the investigation to hunt down this unseen monster, she learns that it may be the survivors - living calling card - who hold the key to the case. 
And unless she succeeds, more innocents will die...

MAD ABOUT YOU by Sinead Moriarty

Emma, James and the kids have just arrived in London. It's a big move, and Emma is uncertain it was the right choice. But with a new job, a new nanny and new neighbours to get used to, she hasn't time to worry. 
Yet, as James's hours grow longer and longer, and the time they spend together ever briefer, she wonders why they moved at all. 
Then the texts arrive: flirtatious ones to him - and demeaning, dismissive ones to her. 
And Emma discovers she has a rival. One who James swears does not exist - yet who begins to tear her marriage apart. 
Emma wants to save her family from this unknown stranger. But how can she when the stranger seems to know her life and fears better than she does herself?

DEAR THINGS by Julie Cohen

After years of watching her best friends Ben and Claire try for a baby, Romily has offered to give them the one thing they most wanted. 
But Romily wasn't prepared for the overwhelming feelings that have taken hold of her and which threaten to ruin her friendship with Ben and Claire - and even destroy their marriage. 
Now there are three friends, two mothers and only one baby, and an impossible decision to make...


Ten-year-old Abdullah would do anything for his younger sister. In a life of poverty and struggle, with no mother to care for them, Pari is the only person who brings Abdullah happiness. For her, he will trade his only pair of shoes to give her a feather for her treasured collection. When their father sets off with Pari across the desert to Kabul in search of work, Abdullah is determined not to be separated from her. Neither brother nor sister know what this fateful journey will bring them. 

BEFORE WE MET by Lucie Whitehouse

A whirlwind romance. 
A perfect marriage. 

Hannah Reilly has seized her chance at happiness. Until the day her husband doesn't come home...
Can you ever really know what happened before we met?

AN OFFICER AND A SPY  by Robert Harris

It was the most infamous miscarriage of justice in history. 

Paris, 1895: an army officer, Georges Picquart, watches a convicted spy, Alfred Dreyfus, being publicly humiliated in front of a baying crowd. 
Dreyfus is exiled for life to Devil's Island, Picquart is promoted to run the intelligence unit that tracked him down. 
But when Picquart discovers that secrets are still being handed over to the Germans, he is drawn into a dangerous labyrinth of deceit and corruption that threatens not just his honour but his life...

THE LIE by Helen Dunmore

Cornwall, 1920

A young man stands looking out to sea. 
Behind him the horror of trenches, and the most intense relationship of his life. 
Ahead of him the terrible unforeseen consequences of a lie. 

I AM PILGRIM by Terry Hayes

A young woman murdered in a run-down Manhattan hotel. 
A father publicly beheaded in the blistering sun of Saudi Arabia. 
A man's eyes stolen from his living body as he leaves a secret Syrian research laboratory. 
Smouldering human remains on a mountainside in the Hindu Kush.
A plot to commit an appalling crime against humanity. 
One thread that binds them all. 
One man to take the journey. 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


THE SHOCK OF THE FALL  has been voted for a Costa Book Of The Year 2013. Mr Nathan Filer blew  the critics' minds with brave unique story which touched the hearts of thousands.

"Deeply moving." THE TIMES

"Dark, touching, sweet and funny and beautifully written." JO BRAND

"Bittersweet and wonderfully etched." DAILY TELEGRAPH

"Compelling." OBSERVER

"Terrific. Engaging, funny and inventive." JOE DUNTHORNE, author of SUBMARINE

First impression of the book were great. Wonderful deep green cover with gold drawing and white writing. It catches your eyes immediately. And then there is the intriguing summary of the story on the back:

'I'll tell you what happened because it will be a good way to introduce my brother. His name's Simon. I think you're going to like him. I really do. But in a couple of pages he'll be dead. And he was never the same after that.'

Intrigued?!?! I certainly was. So here I am with my own copy getting lost in the story.

Let's meet Matthew Homes. The first time we enter Matt's life he is on a holiday with his family and is enjoying the little troubles of child's life. That is until a great tragedy strikes and Matt's brother Simon dies. And ever since then nothing seems to be the same. Even Matt. 

Wow... This story got me hooked straight from the start. First couple of pages and the author's engaging and dark writing made me want to read on and find out what has happened in Matt's life. I was intrigued, excited and worried about what I am going to find.

Although the main theme of this book is very daring, the author manages to make it different from others. For the first time I am pleasantly surprised with the brave subject of the book -  a mental health and the person struggling with his confused mind. I, for once, loved the the how brave the writer is. This story is so real, dark and bittersweet. We have a unique view into the world of the less fortune (at least when in comes to mental he alt). I was fascinated by Matt's story. Everything he went through left a permanent mark on me and I will never look at the world the same way.

Modern. Sometimes quite hard to read, but absolutely mind-blowing. This story is a true original and deserves the title 'BOOK OF THE YEAR'.

It took me a little while to get used to skipping between different time periods in Matt's life, but once I understood what is going on, everything became clear. This is how it works in his mind. He, himself, is confused, so of course the story telling will be confusing from time to time. We cannot expect a straight forward story in this case. That wouldn't be real and so deeply moving!!!

Hats off to the designer of the book. I am not sure if it was the request of the author or the editorial team, but I have admired the fact that the book is partially written on typewriter and partially on the computer. It blends with the story. And so do the letters and illustrations. It truly is a real life experience. The reader will be sucked into Matthew's life and his confused mind. We will learn more about the mental health and the state of human's mind.

This story is original. Touching. Wonderfully written. It makes you see the bad in the world but it also prepares you for the good. BEAUTIFUL.

Fantastic job, Mr Filler! I look forward to reading more of your works.

Another British talent has been born...

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Lindsey Leavitt : GOING VINTAGE

GOING VINTAGE is a teenage novel written by Lindsey Leavitt. This book has been my first render-vous with this author. I have read couple of reviews online which were very favourable.

I only picked up this book because I liked the cover. I know how very pathetic of me... but to my defence  I love vintage cameras and this one has one on the cover!! And it was on one of those days, when walking around Waterstones, I couldn't find anything, what would peek my interest.

So couple days ago, while looking for something to tie me up before I start two of my summer projects, I have decided to give this book a chance and finally read it.

It all starts with a break-up and one broken heart when Malory finds out that her ever-so-perfect boyfriend has a double life online. She feels hurt, broken and looking to re-invent her life.  Luckily an inspiration strikes, when she finds a list written by her grandmother in 1960's while she was the same age as Malory. So Malory forsakes modern technology and starts to follow the list. The little she knows that she might just find something more than she expected.. Like a gorgeous guy Oliver, who happens to be Jeremy's (the unfaithful, I-prefer-to-share-my-secrets-with-a-girl-I-have-never-met-online) cousin. Will Malory find her happiness at the end of the list or will she give up in the middle?

This is a very light hearted story about the dramas we are going throughout the high school. We have all the sings of teenage drama - break-ups, finding yourself, unfaithful boyfriends, the amazing sister, great friends, and the hot guy who seems to be interested in you, but you don't know why. I felt like I have been watching one of those shows such as One Tree Hill created by CW. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy OTH, but  after reading GOING VINTAGE, I have realised that it's not a book I would normally pick up - well not anymore.

It's very modern, entertaining, easy to follow. I do enjoy the fact that every chapter begins with a list of something. That made this book to stand out for me a little bit. It's a good twist and it empathised with the reason why Malory is doing what she is doing and it reminds us a trait of her character. Making list for everything.

Malory is a teenage girl going through the typical teenage drama. Every girl reading this book can find parts of them in the character and will sympathise with her. Unfortunately, many of us girls were in similar positions and we know how much it hurts to find that you have been betrayed by the one you loved. The good thing about this book is that it shows us that we can be strong and we can pick ourselves up and eventually find the road to happiness. Situations like this one always helps us find the part of ourselves which we weren't aware that were there.

My favourite character is Oliver. Yes, I do have a little small place in my heart which will always belongs to every character (book, TV series or film) named by that name. But this guys, he is dreamy. Smart, polite, hot, sexy and very very nice. I do like his character as he has such a positive attitude to life, that it catches up with you. You start to have positive thoughts as well. You just cannot help it!

Another loveable character of mine is Malory's sister Ginnie. I find a lot of things which I have common with Ginnie. She is smart, positive and loves healthy food. She enjoys cooking and cares about her sister and family. And she will go to extreme lengths to help her sister achieve her set goal.

I smiled a shy polite smile while reading the book, but unfortunately no parts had me in giggles or stitches like I am used from the works of Rainbow Rowell or Sarra Manning. It was a good story. Mild. Like a Dairy Milk chocolate. It's not your favourite but you still have in desperate times.  You don't hate it, but there always be something better for you to indulge yourself with.

I think if I would be 13 years younger I would enjoy this book more, but sadly I am a 28-year-old book reviewer who prefers something more relate able !