Sunday, 1 June 2014

Lindsey Leavitt : GOING VINTAGE

GOING VINTAGE is a teenage novel written by Lindsey Leavitt. This book has been my first render-vous with this author. I have read couple of reviews online which were very favourable.

I only picked up this book because I liked the cover. I know how very pathetic of me... but to my defence  I love vintage cameras and this one has one on the cover!! And it was on one of those days, when walking around Waterstones, I couldn't find anything, what would peek my interest.

So couple days ago, while looking for something to tie me up before I start two of my summer projects, I have decided to give this book a chance and finally read it.

It all starts with a break-up and one broken heart when Malory finds out that her ever-so-perfect boyfriend has a double life online. She feels hurt, broken and looking to re-invent her life.  Luckily an inspiration strikes, when she finds a list written by her grandmother in 1960's while she was the same age as Malory. So Malory forsakes modern technology and starts to follow the list. The little she knows that she might just find something more than she expected.. Like a gorgeous guy Oliver, who happens to be Jeremy's (the unfaithful, I-prefer-to-share-my-secrets-with-a-girl-I-have-never-met-online) cousin. Will Malory find her happiness at the end of the list or will she give up in the middle?

This is a very light hearted story about the dramas we are going throughout the high school. We have all the sings of teenage drama - break-ups, finding yourself, unfaithful boyfriends, the amazing sister, great friends, and the hot guy who seems to be interested in you, but you don't know why. I felt like I have been watching one of those shows such as One Tree Hill created by CW. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy OTH, but  after reading GOING VINTAGE, I have realised that it's not a book I would normally pick up - well not anymore.

It's very modern, entertaining, easy to follow. I do enjoy the fact that every chapter begins with a list of something. That made this book to stand out for me a little bit. It's a good twist and it empathised with the reason why Malory is doing what she is doing and it reminds us a trait of her character. Making list for everything.

Malory is a teenage girl going through the typical teenage drama. Every girl reading this book can find parts of them in the character and will sympathise with her. Unfortunately, many of us girls were in similar positions and we know how much it hurts to find that you have been betrayed by the one you loved. The good thing about this book is that it shows us that we can be strong and we can pick ourselves up and eventually find the road to happiness. Situations like this one always helps us find the part of ourselves which we weren't aware that were there.

My favourite character is Oliver. Yes, I do have a little small place in my heart which will always belongs to every character (book, TV series or film) named by that name. But this guys, he is dreamy. Smart, polite, hot, sexy and very very nice. I do like his character as he has such a positive attitude to life, that it catches up with you. You start to have positive thoughts as well. You just cannot help it!

Another loveable character of mine is Malory's sister Ginnie. I find a lot of things which I have common with Ginnie. She is smart, positive and loves healthy food. She enjoys cooking and cares about her sister and family. And she will go to extreme lengths to help her sister achieve her set goal.

I smiled a shy polite smile while reading the book, but unfortunately no parts had me in giggles or stitches like I am used from the works of Rainbow Rowell or Sarra Manning. It was a good story. Mild. Like a Dairy Milk chocolate. It's not your favourite but you still have in desperate times.  You don't hate it, but there always be something better for you to indulge yourself with.

I think if I would be 13 years younger I would enjoy this book more, but sadly I am a 28-year-old book reviewer who prefers something more relate able !


  1. That is a beautiful cover .... I read this on kindle not too long ago. It was pretty good

    1. i know the cover is beautiful... I liked it.. but it reminded me a lot of CW drama haha