Friday, 20 June 2014

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS : The Film Adaptation

Warning: Be ready with couple of boxes of tissues and uncontrollable crying... I wasn't .. And it got to me surprisingly deep...

I have just come home from the movies. Usually I don't write posts about the films I have seen. I am not a film critic, I always leave the job to Andy and also I just don't what to say about a movie apart from when it really leaves a mark on me. But today is different... Today there is a permanent mark left in my heart & soul after watching John Green's novel come alive on the big screen..

I went to watch THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. Now, I haven't read the book (not yet.. it's on my reading schedule - which I am well behind on..). I do not what the book is about (apart from the obvious CANCER thing). I stayed away from any spoilers as I try to save and savour it later. And trust me after seeing this film, I am looking forward to reading the book.

I won't bother with the plot. Why should I ruin such an wonderful, one-in-a-billion story for you?

I just want to say what I thought about the film itself and keep it short.

I have fallen in love. Nothing could ever prepare me for the astonishingly beautiful story I have just had the pleasure to watch on the big screen. I have seen some really good films in my life but this one is just IT!!! It was mesmerising. You couldn't stop watching it. I was glued to the screen and my emotions were on overdrive. Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort were fantastic. I believed in what they were creating with their chemistry and acting. The music in the film was just perfect.

EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT. The director and the cast executed a job very well done. I am sure that fans of the book couldn't be more pleased. 

The soundtrack to this film was flawless. Every song and scene were spot on. Truly, I haven't been impress with a film like #TFIOS in a long time.

Here is a little preview for you in the form of the trailer. It's worth watching.. I am definitely going again and this film will have a permanent place in my DVD collection once it comes out.

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